WW auto brown leaves

Started 11/8

FF Coco Loco soil

No notes. pH 5.9 distilled water

Indoor, 5gal bags. Low temperature, high 70

2000 watt Honorsen LED with veg and bloom modes on at 18 inches.

The leaves started with brown spots, now more brown. Is it the soil is too hot? I figure the slower growth is low temps.

Put your PH at 6.5 in the dirt. U using any nutes yet? Calmag?

True distilled water with little to no PPMs has no pH to adjust. It will be neutral and your meter wont give you a true reading. So just use distilled or reverse osmosis water as is.
Sometimes a little water on the leaves will cause a few spots. The soil is a mix of Coco Coir and Ocean Forest soil.
It is possible to cause a little spotting, but it will come out of it fine. I think you look good so far.

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I have added nothing

Ok. Thank you. I have 3 going. One is green and growing fast, then this one, then a runt

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