WW auto accident..any suggestions?

Hello fellow growers! I had a freak accident while doing maintenance on my ww auto and while I was trying to cut one leaf off due to getting over septoria a wasp stung me and I gripped the handle and cut the top off of my lady. Surprisingly, it cut clean on the stalk and no cuts through all random stems/bids surrounding. Is there anything I can do or help to save? Thank you all again and everything is greatly appreciated, mike

@Hellraiser @Mr_Wormwood @PurpNGold74

Call it an accidental topping and move on I think

You can treat the plants wound with honey, or aloe, but not really much more you can do I think


I’ve had no luck doing “repairs” when a stem / stalk / branch is completely broken. Even when the outer “bark” is still keeping the branch from falling totally off.

I have had excellent results fixing damage as long as part of what’s broken still had some of the main, inner, portion connected in some way.

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Ok sounds good and I figured such being their time limited. I’ll keep her in cycle and will watch out for all the nagging pest while I tend to them…thanks so much again for the help @Mr_Wormwood @FlatLander