WW Auto 4x4 FF soil 2 Mars TSW2000 journal first time grower

Here is a link to my setup post: Link

Here is my 2nd post when I was worrying about first watering and according to everyone I did give it plenty of water so I haven’t watered since I have been sticking my finger 1 inch into pots and feeling them all have moistness to them. Link

Decided to just keep one post now that they have sprouted. I believe so far so good!!


7-30-21 around 5 pm dropped 6 seeds in tap water in cups and set in tent with humidity around 80 temp around 73-78

7-31-21 24 hours later transferred 6 seeds(all of them were trying to pop) to moist paper towel on plate for about 36 hours and back in tent under same conditions

8-1-21 Placed seeds into 5 gallon fabric pots. Soil I used was FFOF then dug out solo cup size hole in middle of pot and put FFHF in place. Watered each one roughly 3L pH 6.3 carbon filtered tap water (enough to barely start seeing runoff occur) (this was apparently a little much) and turned on both Mars Hydro TSW2000 LED’s (300 true w each) dimmed to about 30 percent. Used meter to determine getting atleast 600 ppfd in the middle of all pots each. Lights were put on an 18/6 schedule.

Note: forgot to mention from what I read figured it was safe using a cheap Amazon inline Camco filter on my water spigot after testing my city’s water from the same spot to only be around 250 ppm with my TDS meter before any other filtration is used. You guys think that should be good?

8-2-21 between 24-36 hours all 6 sprouted. Very exciting.

8-4-21 have been checking soil twice daily still seems to be moist. But is slowly drying out. Temps have remained around 75-78 when lights on and 71-74 when lights off. RH has averaged around 75.

Also today installed a 4 inch inline AC infinity fan with the smart controller to use as an intake for even more air movement.

I have been keeping the 2 cheapo 6 inch hurricane clip fans on high setting 24/7.


Here are some pics from just now (about noon)

Seems like might need to water tomorrow at this pace. But it seems so far so good what does everyone think?


So far looks good how far above are the lights and how high u have the power. Right now they dont need alot of light. Just keep light turned down and watch the stretch. If they look like they r stretching turn light up a hair. At this stage they r super easy to fry with led lights

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30 percent about 24 inches. Gives me around 600-700 ppfd in center of pots. So too much light can stunt growth? I must have read wrong but I thought having too much light was just a waste of energy? I thought it was just if they got too hot? Not sure haha this is why I need you guys but thank you

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Hey man it looks like everything is going good, as for the watering, the plants like a wet/dry cycle from what I understand. water and let dry out and repeat, sticking your finger in the soil a good way of doing it when there this young, there’s also the “pot method” just pick up the pot after next watering to feel how heavy the pot is.


You’re off to a good start nice setup.


Does that first seedling still have the seed shell on? If so, you can spray just the shell lightly and see if it comes off soon on it’s own. Just may need softened up, just don’t spray the soil.

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Will try this thank you

8-6-2021 7 am - woke up this morning and a couple of the pots were dry to the touch first inch of soil and the other not far at all behind them so I watered each one about 1.25-1.5 L (much less than first watering before they even broke ground) also had 2 of them with the seed still trying to get off the leaves like pictured and mentioned above so I very lightly spritzed both of them and one fell right off seconds later!! I put a sticky traps I got off Amazon in 3 of the pots got some more on the way for the other 3. Temp has remained around 71 when lights off and 77 with lights on. RH has averaged 75%.



Looking good!

7-8-2021 about 48 hours from last watering and pots were feeling dry again…added another ~1.5L carbon filtered 6.3 pH’d water to each pot.

I also used the tip of a needle to pop off the seed from the one that wouldn’t come off on its own after trying to spritz it over the course of the last few days to encourage it to pop off itself. Thankfully it was very easy and popped right off!!

Here are all 6 ladies as of right now

Last picture is the one I pulled the seed off of

Seemed like it took a little while for these pots to start to really dry out…maybe because I have averaged 73% RH in the last week? I think it may be a combination of that and the fact I think I was pretty heavy on watering first few times.

Just gave them their 3rd watering and only used 1L this time (.5L less than last) for each pot of 6.3 pH’d carbon filtered water (ppm of 140 and EC of 280 according to my cheap Vicosun meter)

They BARELY started to runoff underneath with the 1L if at all.

When should I start tracking my runoff pH/ppm and when do you guys think I will need to feed them and how much of Bergman’s nutes since I am using the FF combo of HF in the middle and OF in the rest of the pots?

Haven’t moved light at all quite yet but planning on upping my dimmer 5 percent at the least around the next time I need to water.

Also temperature has averaged 77 this past week (about 80 with lights on and around 74 lights off)


Looking great. That soil should have plenty of food for those white widows until they start flowering.

I ran almost the same setup with just one plant as my first grow. Did a journal on that grow here. Did a ton of LST got 3oz+5gr off a pretty small plant

Happy growing and enjoy the journey!

Here’s my journal if you want to check it out


Ran into an issue with one of them and made a post requesting help here…Link

TL;DR just noticed a little bit of wilting in the one plant and it seems to have slowed down a bunch…all the rest are fine! Still haven’t watered yet fearing that I may have overwatered her a bit causing her to not be able to intake enough oxygen…hopefully this is fixable.

8-15-2021 went ahead and watered each one about 6 oz (even half as much as the last time) I believe I may have been overwatering the entire time and after getting no help on my post and researching I became sort of confident that the one I was having trouble with isn’t drying out nearly as quick so I watered it with about 4 oz…I then rearranged the plants putting the smaller ones in the middle where the previous larger plants were.

If you are getting runoff in a 5 gallon pot using only one liter of water, I suspect the pots had not dried out. Either that or you are watering too fast and have dry spots in your soil. If you aren’t already, try watering in a ring just outside the diameter of the leaves and not close to the plant. It will encourage their roots to seek out the moisture and grow.
How long after watering the pots with 3L did you water again? It took much longer than I anticipated while the plants were small to dry out the pots. This small moisture meter helps me gage when I need to water. Picking up pots is still great but the meter can help validate suspicions.

It was about 3 days ish…every single watering I did post on here so far.

I also just acquired that meter and I am sticking her in there

I would say it was too early since the 3L watering that you did another. The pot was probably wetter than you realized. If you can bury your finger to the second knuckle and feel moisture, don’t water. What I did was use that meter to see what the pot reads when soaked. Also use the meter at various points as the soil dries out. You’ll get a feel for how dry the soil is at certain numbers. Just a ballpark but saves me reaching to the back row of the tent so much.

Try letting the pots dry out until the soil near the plant base is drying out. Just watch her leaves as you go for changes.

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Watered about 24 hours ago 1L each after I let all of them dry out completely. Seems like the yellowing on the runt is going away I just got my cal mag in today and was going to wait until I wake up to water again and was wondering should I use the cal mag for all of them or just the one? Also at what dosages? Also you guys thinking it’s about time to start LST atleast on the larger ones? Thanks!

Also forgot to mention lights are about 18 inches away and are now at 50 percent