WW auto 2nd week, help needed with basic info

Im using full spectrum LED that HPS Replacement to 500W, tent 48”x24”x60”, 3 pots of 3 gallon each, ILGM WW auto’s, 22C and 55% humidity by the pots, is that looks good or a bit off? Also how high should i set the LED? Thanks for helping

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Brand and model?

They look pretty good.


Sayhon SH2000

Hey @Zagbah1995 i dont think your allowed to post that link. They are pretty strict with links unless they are working with that company. To my knowledge the only one i know of that you can post links to is amazon. Ill post a screenshot for ya in case the link gets taken down

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sayhon. DOT COM/products/sayhon-led-grow-light-dimmable-grow-lamp-with-osram-chips-ul-listed-driver-full-spectrum-plants-lights-for-indoor-veg-and-flower-growing-light-fixtrues-592-leds-sh2000

I set the lights 16” above canopy, should i go lower to 9”-12”?

Thank you!

The typical light spacing is 12-18 inches from the highest point. I typically keep mine around 14-16 inches. You go too high and your plants will start to stretch but you should also be using something to measure your DLI or ppfd/umols. I think 16 inches is a good starting point as your going to want her to stretch a bit to get your leaves out of the soil but i would get the photone app or a meter to measure your dli

From the advertising in amazon of my LED lights it’s says 769 umol/m’/s in 24” height, should i take it up to 24” then?

That website says the light is dimmable i would lower the light intensity and figure your dli or ppfd/umols using a meter or the photone app to dial it to the appropriate level

Thanks! Downloaded app and set to led full spectrum, about 22” to reach study 600’s


Glad to hear you got it figured it! If you need anymore help feel free to tag me

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