Ww af at 110 days


My question is. The one plant is SO different , from any other. Which through this forum, I’ve learned that’s just. Af. But its budding I guess?? Any info is welcomed Thanks


I would cut the net off it’s not doing anything for you looks like a big cola and it’s stretching to the light I would center it up under the light and put it a foot from the top she is in flower what’s the temps soil and such


Hybrids will show different phenotypes. Seeds from the same female can show different expressions of the parent genetics used in the hybrid development. Make the most of what you have there. It will still be decent smoke.


Thanks, it’s gonna be interesting to see final grow. Anxiously waiting:)


Thank you for your knowledge. Its Vermisoil organic median. Temps 75-90 humidity high 70s during hot part of day. 1500 3chip led using grow box nutrients and feed schedule. What light schedule do u recommend in flowering?


12/12 is what I recommend


Thats an auto? I run my autos on a 18hr schedule and never change it at all, right to the end.


I get better results at 12/12 with my autos and I save power


This though :joy:


I will try that with my next auto grow. I just got some Blueberry Autos for my next indoor grow. I have enough outside grow to keep me busy for the summer. :wink:


I also flower my autos on a 12-12
It lol oks like you have a lot of shadows in the grow tent and the tall plant is as Hogmaster mentioned streaching for the light
Next run maybe adding a second fixture may be prudent
Happy growing


Thanks, for your knowledge on the lighting. Yes, I’ve ordered and upgrading lighting. I’m a sponge taking in all I can. Growing is so fascinating, and this forum is amazing. Thanks again