WTH Is this? Wierd

Ok so the last photo i believe is the one in question. It budded early just a little bit then i pounded her with nitrogen and she REVERTED??? I dont know she doesnt even resemble a weed plant to me. Anybody else have similar things happen to them? Also i literally just watered the gals so they look kinda droopy wish i wouldve waited to take pics but you know, answers. Lol!

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I have three outdoor plants did the same distorted contortions. Outdoor soil, residue from previous plants, too much rain, or too much fertilizer, I don’t know which, but the “BAG” plants (FFOF) in same local have no problems. Unfortunately they only get 3-4 hours of direct sunlight (not this week, but direct sunlight for them was 750/48).

I mean its really weird because it was the only plant out of the group that did it. I should say that it isnt the same kind. Ive got a pineapple kush,marionberry kush, blue dream, blue haze,blue cheese, chocolope,and whatever the weird thing was. Friend i got it from thinks it was cherry pie. Plus it is the only clone out of the bunch. Others were seed. I personally like going the seed route , but it is fun preparing clones. Anyway thanks for the response, keep blazing and stay up.

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She is revegging. She started flower, said nope, then went back to veg. It usually takes a couple/few weeks for the growth to get back to normal.


Agree with @Borderryan22 shes revegging will look pretty weird for a while and will get back to her normal self

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Definitely Reveging , Throwing a few single leafs.