WTH? Anyone seen this before?


I have never seen one pop with a single cotyledon. I have checked closely. It is not 2 stuck together. It only has 1.


I had one with only one and it died so keep a eye on her. Sorry for the bad news but just because mine died doesn’t mean yours will they are tough little plants


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Soil has way too much bark in it


It’s MG seedling mix. I only use it on top for veg. Everything underneath is soil and perlite.


So I checked her yesterday and noticed she has NO cotyledons. It was a seed husk stuck to her and it came off. I refused to cull anything that isn’t dead so I took as close up pics as I could get and this girl is ALIVE! Green growth. How would she ever thrive without any? I guess we will see if it’s possible. I took a pic of what she looks like without zoom. She is barely visible to the naked eye other than a little stem.


All I can say is that is some nasty seed starter. I have never seen a seed starting mix with mulch in it. It should be fairly smooth small particles of several ingredients.

cotyledons usually provide the necessary nutrition to start with. seed starter mix also contains just enough nutrition to get through early stage of growth. Good luck,and look into finding a better smoother starter mix, like Promix.


Might have to start feeding sooner than normal. But sense it has new growth, maybe she will be a fighter like Edna! LOL


Wow. This thing is gonna live! I put her in with the big girls so they can show her what to do. (Actually it’s the strongest light).


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: lol


This thing is really gonna live. Wow. Never seen anything like it. She will get the name Elsa after the bride of Frankenstein.

looks like she will only have 1 sugar leaf as well. Wonder how this happens


Lookin good. One leafers come out stronger lol :laughing:


I think she may actually live. Will be a first for me in 25 yrs of growing that I have seen one without any cotyledons. Seen single leafers but never none.

. Figured she was stressed enough put her in a 2 gal and let her b for a while.


She’s a scrappy little bugger. A new set a leaves in their way in and they look to be a pair!


Well she’s still alive but definitely on the slow bus. If this thing finishes that will b insane.


Check this girl out. What a fighter!


She looks like my chocoloupe twin from last year right before she died.


She’s Lacey leafless no clue how she has survived this long. She is the same age as Thelma. What a difference.


Wow, I think I’d put her out of her misery.


Same, and that is a pretty bad starter soil imo.