Wth! 5 weeks of bloom

Gg#4 ilgm

• Method: Soil

Ff Ocean Forest, strawberry fields, perlite

• Vessels: 5 gal bags

• PH 5.8 run off

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

• Indoor

• Light system kind k5 xl1000

• Temps; Day 78, Night 70

• Humidity; 52 rh

• Ventilation system; Yes, 8in

• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, na

• Co2; bucket

5 weeks since the first hairs
Tonight I looked in and found this bud thought I had some Browning and the sugar leaves so I grabbed it pinched it off seen tiny little bananas
Put it under microscope and this is what I found

I searched both plants thoroughly and haven’t found any more
But I have eight other plans
Three of them were in the same tent
I have five and a tent 5 ft away from that tent
So any ideas???

My partner doesn’t believe me that they are bananas…
He wants to put them in another tent in the same room…
The worst case scenario he wants to harvest them and process them…
Any help would be appreciated

@Highwayman420 ighwayman420

Those are definitely bananas :banana: i can’t see the buds good enough to see how ready they are. If they are ready I’d cut em to avoid any seeds. If not you will get some seeds from them hopefully the pollen didn’t spread really bad. I’ve had a couple buds get seeds and I’ve seen plants end up full of them.


I had one bud do that last year. It was rubbing up against the tent wall and it developed a mass of bananas. I cut it off and nothing else ever happened. Dont over react and chop it because you found a few male parts. The angry mob supplies are not needed. Watch and see what happens.


My one girlie grew one nanner few weeks ago, and I snipped it and all seems well. I can’t tell from your pictures if your “male parts” opened or not. Did you see “dust” on leaves below? If not you may have lucked out.

If you are close to harvest, likely seeds won’t be a huge issue even if you got crop dusted.

If one tent vents into the same room as the other, yes pollen can get into both tents.

Good luck!

Got some hermies it looks like.

They are not even close
They still have four weeks to go
Like I said I have eight other plants can’t afford for them to be pollinated…
Gorilla glue is a Hermie plant anyway
Ilgm should have sourced their seeds from somebody else with this strain

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If they were close it wouldn’t be a problem but they’re only halfway through
The plant stops developing the bud and focuses on producing seeds

Thats the infamous male flowers, not buds. One was definitely opened so expect lots of seeds if it pollinated the other girls.

If they do produce seeds they need to be on the plant for at least 6 weeks to mature.

I’ve seen these before and had no problems

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These are all the ones that I’m stressed about getting pollinated from the bananas which both gorilla glues have been thrown out

All these plants are in a tent 5 ft away from the banana gorilla glue tent

I am not happy right now
Had I known gorilla glue was a Hermie to begin with I wouldn’t got any
I was warned to buy them from a reputable seed bank so this wouldn’t happen

I’ve grown gorilla glue from ILGM many times and never had any problems. Maybe it’s user error.


Well aren’t you rude

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12 plants
blue dream
Blue dream MK ultra all perfect
All three gorilla glues all hermaphrodites
You do the math
And go somewhere else and insult somebody else
no room for that here
Have a blessed day

How? You just showed one bud with nanners in the first picture. I haven’t seen anything else that looks problematic just random bud shots. Be more descriptive.

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One bud or 30 still a Hermie