WTF is up with these leaves?

What’s up guys. Lots of great info on here and you people have helped me so much. Don’t have a teacher or grandmaster at all except you awesome folks and youtube. Anyways fudge my life story… :raised_hands:t2:

So I’m on my third grow or so, growing in coco with FF nutes following the schedule but only going 1/2 on the suggested nutes. Everything looks ok except a few leaves, but I’ve not been able to find anything that looks like this on a deficiency/disease checker anywhere. Any thoughts/comments would be awesome.

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It looks closest to calcium deficiency, but knowing more about what you’re growing in, and your ph levels.
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Looks just like mine when I had calcium deficiency as well. I started adding General Organics CalMag every single feeding and it stopped it (I use distilled water). I’m sure there are other great CalMag products out there, I like the GO because it also has molasses and fermented plant sugars in it.

I’m on the calcium train as well. Magnesium and calcium are some of the micro nutes that fox farms fall short on. Would recommend full strength on the big bloom. That is fox farms micro nutrient bottle. Also adding cal mag on water only days as well.

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Awesome I’ll give it a try and holler back. Much love!

My fault. Born in west Texas, sir. Won’t happen again!


Always soak your coco in full strength calmag before planting