Wtf is this weird little mite looking bug help

Just got soil for a new plant to start put it in my tent and within 6 hours these little microscopic guys were crawling everywhere

Some soils come with predatory mites added. I had them in Fox Farms Ocean Forest. They didn’t harm anything, but I couldn’t say if they helped or not. It could also be spider mites, but I don’t think so…they look darker, or with two spots typically. @Sirsmokesalot can you help me out here? Looks like these guys, to me:

If you’re concerned, you could bake your soil to kill anything in it before using it.

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That looks like a soil mite to me. Spider mites eat plant tissue and if you just started growing there’s nothing for them to eat. Soil mites eat fungi and such in soil.

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Thats what i used was ffof first time with that soil.

@elheffe702 I believe you are correct but it’s so tough without textbook examples when dealing with small insects. Sometimes even in the professional world it’s best guess and I am certainly no entomologist (but even when I have worked with them they say same thing)

I would try to extract these very carefully and place on a white sheet of computer paper which is on a clean flat surface. Try to take a still picture with extreme details looking through your scope. It’s not easy but that’s the best way to catch details key to identification @TegrityAl

Here’s an example of thrips to show ya what we’re looking for

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So i set the bin out last night right away and it was freezing outside and i know it won’t kill most but i don’t see any now. I am just going to sterilize with my oven. I am indoors and don’t want my dog getting tapeworm from them.