Wtf is going on with leaves?

Rapid onset of this leave issue. This is this morning.

This is yesterday

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It might be this.


Thanks @Soilgrowth. I kinda thought that not sure.

They way they are curling lookslike nitro toxicity to me but I would get @garrigan62 in here.


I think it’s nitro toxicity look at the way the leaves are clawing up

Rapid onset is generally not deficiencies. Most leaf damaged is from issues that occurs 3-14 days in the past. If a leaf is burnt or drope overnight, it more that likely pH or heat related.

Ask yourself what changed in the last 24hous?

From the pictures provide, your plants look nutrient burnt, and possibly over watered. A lot of newer growers tend to over love thier plants. What have you done so far?


Yeah @Aquaponic_Dumme I have to snap myself on the hands with a rubber band to stay away from the grow tent . I could easily just open the tent and sit there drinking a cold beer and looking at my girls . The personal journal is a great tool for me to keep track of what was done last time the tent was open because in the back of my head I’m always thinking there is something that NEEDS TO BE DONE . It is like getting a new bike for Christmas and only being able to go for a ride twice a week lol .


I have seen this happen to plants in time release soil. They get a big nute push every time they get watered then if you add food to the water they get burnt. Definitely agree with @Aquaponic_Dumme on nute burn here.


Look at the first pic how they look like talons and are burnt looks like nitrogen toxicity

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Flushed plant out and got ph back. City water was at 9 ph and smelled like chlorine. Forgot that Florida destroys water during fall. Had same issues with corals and had to r/o system. Doing that again.

I think that after all these soil grows are done I’m going back to hydro again.


I forgot she was first plant and she was planted in miracle grow soil. All the others are a mix.

Damn miracle grow


I check on my Outdoor grows Every Two Days, my plants tell me what they want, or need. So much different than indoor growing.


Ok. Do I get to say I called that one? Miracle Grow was the exact soil I saw that with. Also might keep an eye out for fungus gnats with MG.


U called my pH problem awhile back to

@stomper you were right dude, great job! It definitely looks like nute burn!

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The problem is you can’t flush MG it just keeps releasing more nutes. Have to let it dry and transplant.

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She only has a week or so left. Glad she’s the last of the mg stuff. The rest are a mix of cow poop, worm stuff and fill. Read that mg was bad, just didn’t expect it.

Thanks everyone. This awesome group of people rock and if in Florida call and we can burn.


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@Stomper she is to be harvested next Friday what should I do? Should I leave or what?

I would just let it finish. I think that bad water you had was the combo piece that kicked it in. Like Dumme said its the only piece in the timeframe that would have the effect. It may have triggered a bigger dump in the MG or just been the bad guy all by itself. But that is a typical look for mg plants gone bad.

I would just make sure the water is only ph with no nutes till its done.

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