Wtf is going on here


Hello there…I have a ww that’s in dirt that has a red left edges. .and then I have a bb that’s in hydro feed with fox farm pH 58 all the bottom leafs are changing reddish and turning brittle …tried some calmag no difference. .not sure what is going on with them 2
pics to follow which will help u guys …thanks for any advice


Lol can’t find how to post pics …please inform. .thanks


Since you can’t get pictures hopefully you can use these charts they may actually be able to help and pretty self explanatory

The 3rd chart is based on deficiencies


Thanks for the info I’ll try to post pics tonight …on road now


Sounds good I’m actually growing amnesia right now so if you need help I can help


When you post click the upload in the bottom right corner and choose image how old are your girls? Might be to much nutrition and your getting a burn hard to tell with no pic


Uploading… it seems no matter how small I make my pics I can’t download them still wth


Is it reading 100% uploaded you have to wait to reply until picture is fully uploaded