Wrong nutrients?

I recently ordered “BIG BUD” nutrient for my plants. As a first time grower im still on the path of trial and error. I read great reviews about this product and thought this would be adequate for my needs. Upon receiving it i read the container and it says its for hydroponics. Can i still use this nutrient in soil?

I originally started a grow, several months ago, doing hydro but it didn’t really work out. So I had already purchased a bunch of hydro nutes. I started a second grow just 2 weeks ago and I’ve began feeding nutes to my plant which is in soil, and it seems to be working out just fine. Start off 1/4 strength and watch how your plant responds.

this is day 15 from seed. Not sure of the strain because I ordered a sampler pack and it came mixed and unlabeled. But it is definitely indica, the leaves are fat and big.

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Yes, most hydro nutes should work in soil without any problems, however many soil nutes may have many problems if used in hydro.