Wrong fertilizer? Spotted leaves

My WW auto’s have been outdoors for 5 1/2 weeks in smartpots. Soilless mix (peat moss/sphagnum) with some nutrients added.

Everything went fine until last week. Now the girls have lots of spots, but no tip-burn. I gave them some granulated nutes ; NPK 12-3-14.


Any ideas?

Looks like bugs


I thought so too.

The spot was good, but the critters are all around here unfortunately. So I’ll just have to wait it out I guess and hope for the best.

Why not solve the problem with some DE?


How much sunshine are they getting a day the sun can make the plants do odd stuff to

What’s DE?

It’s been raining almost every day here, but they’re getting around 6-8 hours of direct sunlight when it’s there.

Food or garden grade diatomaceous earth @arcticGrow use the @ in front of username to tag us or we never know you responded



My fellow Norwegian growers say it’s bugs causing this, even the “topping” I believed to be deer. Unfortunaterly not a lot I can do to prevent this.

Chicken wire cage until they get to a certain size is about it. @arcticGrow

@arcticGrow I’m thinking that potassium of 14 is way too much for the veg state. It mostly comes into play in the Flower state. I use FF 6-4-4 NPK until flower… nutrient burn can look like a number of things. How many days after you gave them nutes did this happen??

@Ace2012 The girls are in flower now, but yes they got some nute burn from the fertilizer.

I’m totally flabbergasted with the WW auto’s. They’ve been outside almost 2 months in terrible, cold weather and giving the finger to it all :smiley:

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Coming along in shitty weather.

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they look great. They grow a bit slower in your climate but they look super! @arcticGrow

Thx @bob31

This is my first outdoor grow and if my yield is an ounce or two I’m satisfied.

it’s pretty impossible to judge their yield but they are going to make you happy if they keep growing the way they are! @arcticGrow

I have the 2 WW in the pictures, 2 small WWs, all fem. And 3 Danish Earlys Reg.

I*ll be happy with 2-3 oz total.


The bugs really like the Danish girls…

Might want to think about some neem oil spray or some food grade DE @arcticGrow

Your girls are getting smaller…


I probably should, yes.

But how effective will it be in my rainy area? 52 out of the last 65 days has been rain…

How often would I need to powder/treat the girls?