Wrinkled and Spotty Seedling

What is wrong with JH? these seedlings were all planted the same time and in the same seedling mix.


Looks like it could be pH or PPM problems, or both. Are you monitoring runoff pH and PPM?

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Need some more info. Welcome to your new happy place :blush:

Yes. Welcome to the forum. I missed that it was the OP’s first post.

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Welcome with no info and shooting from the hip. Mosaic or hops virus leaning more towards mosaic. If so it will probably grow out of it. That is what I read about mosaic anyway. That over 90 percent of all plants (not just cannabis) grow out of it. Like I said shooting from the hip. Could be something to do with ph or nutes.
Fill out the support ticket.
Again welcome.

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What @MidwestGuy :point_up_2: said. The girls want some more room, so they spread their unders roots.