Wrapping up Week 4-First timer asking about Lighting and nutrients

  • Blueberry and Northern Lights, ILGM seeds
  • Method: Soil (365 BIOflower bottom pot 365 BIOall on top half pot
  • Fabric 3 gallon pots
  • PH I am watering in the 6-6.5 range every other day or as needed
  • Indoor
  • 600w HLG Rspec running 24/7
  • Temps; Averaging 70’s
  • Humidity Averaging 49-55%
  • Ventilation system; AC Infinity Cloudline 6" , tower fan and clip fan
  • No humidifier yet
    *Not adding nutrients yet

So just finished week 4 and the plants are starting to smell and appear to be going into preflower. Overall so far so good I think. My questions are:

Is my light too close? I have now cranked it up about halfway. Don’t want to over light or under light. Also, with nutrients, despite the PH balanced water, how much do I really have to add? The only ones I have on hand are FloraNova Grow 7–4-10 and FloraNova Bloom 4-8-7 as recommended at hydro store. Thanks so much from this first time grower.

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Looks to me like your plants kinda like the light the way it is. Raising it would make them stretch a little which really would not be a bad thing.


Wanted to add that one of my plants has 3 leaves that look like this. Deficiency? Mag? Cal? Phos? Than k you.