Wpm on harvest day

I did my harvest on 1 plant yesterday. The day before it had no wpm. Saveable or crap can it.



AT harvest, do a bud wash in peroxide and water. If already harvested and getting dried out it’s too late. And I would be reluctant to smoke mildew…

I always wash my harvest just on GP.


What he said


Decided to square can it. My second grow. Keep learning alot these past 2 grows. Maybe the third time is the charm.

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I’m a old man and decided to grow. I got a ready to grow cabinet. For the first and second grow the house was getting updated and couldn’t spend the time to tend them. Starting new seedlings tomorrow. Banana OG.

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Just be sure to clean everything really well. Peroxide is cheap and works amazingly.

Good luck old man hope ya stick around and grow some serious dank. It be great to see you succeed, plus you old guys have great stories. Definitely wash that cabinet down and get rid of all them spores. Good luck

Getting a dehumidifier and ion air purifier for the cabinet. One day I’ll get it right. Persistence.