WPM after nute overload?!?!

I got all this right after using these Nutes. I used the microbe brew and Bembe together on the flowering plant. I put 1 teaspoon of both mixed in 250ml water ph was 6.1.

I used the flowering kiss on both plants in a foiler spray. I put 2 teaspoon in 400ml water ph was 6.3.

This was my first time using these nutes I just bought them. Originally I was using FF fertilizer on the flowering plant and sorta just gave it fertilizer on Monday…

Its obvious I did too much nutes. Should I flush use the sledgehammer to clean the plant? Should I do it ASAP? How do apply it, by the recommended portion or start with half like the nutrients ?

The box I got yesterday someone wanted to support my grow :frowning: I applied it terribly.

Ok good news bad news and kinda meh news…

  1. Not a nutrient overload. Nute burn is fried tips or VERY dark leaves.
  2. U cant get WPM from nute burn.
  3. U CAN get it from over foliar feeding before night hours (i NEVER do it in flower. Just a bad idea). Humidity spikes in the dark, so avoid feeding before lights out
  4. Thats not WPM. Its residue (best news possible)
  5. Take a wet clothes (AT LIGHTS ON) and wipe them gently. Ur fine.

I think that’s your flower kiss. 2tsp for 400ml is a lot. Should be 2 tsp per gallon


Good call. Too strong a concentration. Thats why u see residue.

How u doing Bobby


Doing good bud! Just patiently waiting for Texas to legalize so I don’t have to hide this from everyone I know, lol


Always apply this stuff from the dirty dozen at half the recommended dose and follier feedings only at lights out. Feed once a week.Ya and that dosage isn’t correct for you flower kiss. Might want to think about rinsing those leaves at lights out. Best wishes for the girls!

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good call

I did wipe the white spots, twice and they keep coming back. Also they are burning a little bit at the tips. The leaves are turning a bit… from all over…

I’m trying to keep the humidity down and I wiped the leaves with a damp cloth but the white keeps coming back

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Oh, rinse at light out gotcha will do.

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Maybe im bugging…

@Covertgrower @Skydiver @Hellraiser

Consensus fellas… wpm or stingy residue? Im outta practice. And Bobby is Bobby :joy:

The pistols were white I think the spray was too potent and maybe the white spots are very potent stains? I’ll try wiping everyday maybe? This is a pic very recent before spraying

Also note the vegging plant took the same foliage spray but not the same nutes in the soil and it’s still green but has the white spots. Same thing when I tried to wipe it, its coming back each time.

A huge patch of the spray? Or wpm?

Could be wpm, but it’s probably the solution residue.

Hahahahahahaha. Post of the day. Night my dude

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I edited… best guess. Lol

Still she shows residue/wpm too. Just keep vigilant. Biggest thing im seeing, is its only on leaves. Wpm hit me once. And it COVERED buds. Not leaves

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Man u ruined a great post! Misspelling and all!

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Yeah, strawberry cough edibles. Even gluten free!

1 cup peanut butter
1 egg
Decarb weed 10g


Keep humidity below 50%, wipe the leaves everyday and make sure it’s dry before lights out?

ITS not working :(((((((( I just tried flushing it I put 4ml sledgehammer in 400ML and split it between the two plant…

I wiped the leaves yesterday this how they look today… the vegging plants new growth is dying and both plants look really dry and leaves are crumbling… help…