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a big group thanks a lot of feed back, the baetles were wrong it does take money to buy love, am down to to lites mars hydro ts 600 but leaning to hlg qb 135, and thinks to low for showing the bs about lites, from the look of your plant pics im only doing 1 plant,my outdoor wasnt near that good only got about 3/4 oz dried .which lite do yall like best since my tent is 24x24x48 im thinking of using 8i tall totes 20x20.soroots will spread instead of going down to elimanate height of 5 gal buckets, but those 5 gal cloth bags dont look to tall, what do you think,anl last im going to use coco coir and perite mix,but no nutes in coco, what x-tra nutes should i buy, and i aint worring abouy no more not after looking at what yall did, thanks again cant wait for moer feedbak


The hlg light.
Get the hlg light
The hlg light would be what you need
I would get the light made by hlg
Whichever hlg light you can afford would be a great light for your application

If I’ve left any doubt about which light I would feel comfortable making my investment in, in any of the numerous topics, it would probably be the best diy light you can afford from hlg


DO NOT get the Mars 600. I have one that came with my first tent. I used it early on during veg but would not be comfortable flowering with it and expecting a decent yield.

IF you don’t for whatever reason want to go with the HLG, at least go with an in between like the Spider Farmer SF-1000, at least thats a 100 watt light (from the wall) and is considered suitable to flower 2x2.

That said, once you’re there the HLG 135 is only a small additional expense and worth it for a superior light.

3 or 5 gallon cloth bags.

You’re going to continue to get the same recommendations honestly even across multiple threads…

Maybe its time to start a grow journal, you don’t need to wait to pop seeds to do so. That way you can keep all of your questions and information in one place. Easier for you to reference later and easier for the community to continue to help you out…!

On Nutrients, you’ll see many recommendations for Jack’s 3-2-1, and for good reason. Its the same nutes seed to flower, and performs incredibly well in addition to being inexpensive.

I ran Jack’s on my last run and am currently using Advance Nutrients Sensi Coco Grow for veg and Bloom for flower. More pricey but also trusted and very easy to mix and maintain. Plenty of other options but honestly I’d probably recommend Jacks given the low cost, strong performance, and amount of knowledge in this forum around its use.


Good choice. The Spider Farmer SF series lights have come a long way too. I second @CygnusX1 comment on the Mars.


Hlg or spiderfarmer
With coco get jacks 321


Spider farm ? I have. Sf-1000 with dimmer and all I hear about it is, that it can’t do more then a 2x2 and can barley do 1 plant, Im looking to buy another light in my 2x2 because the sf-1000 would not be enough. Only pulls 94 watts from wall, and I’m under the impression you need at 60 watts per square ft right ? The the sf- 1000 come in way under. BUT IM NEW someone who knows more please correct don’t want anybody else making the same mistakes I did by listen to what the manufacturer says , if wrong please correct @CygnusX1 @Low

I flowered a single plant in 2x2 with a SF-1000 with no real issues and if its what I already had wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again. That said, I’ve upgraded to a HLG 135 V2 RSPEC for multiple plants (also upgraded to a 2x3 tent), but the HLG would also do VERY well in a 2x2.

The SF1000 is a very respectable light but HLG has a substantially higher output.

Not sure if that ramble answers your actual question so feel free to ask away if I’ve missed the mark. Happy to try to help.

Ok listen to that guy @CygnusX1 he has done it and I’m new so sorry for the FAKE NEWS lol

I think @low was confirming similar. Again, not knocking the SF, its a pretty solid light for a 2x2. :slight_smile:

Watts per sqft is an old idealism that’s more suitable for hps and metal halide. Efficiency goes up with led.

I don’t like when people say “light per plant” you are not lighting plants, you are lighting the space. I could do a full grow with 100 watts on one plant, or a full grow with 1000 watts one plant.

You are lighting the space. HLG is the better option, but if you already have an sf1000, get another and daisy chain them. You’ll be pumping out 200 watts in a 2x2.

For a 2x2 it calls for 1.3 fixtures, lol. 2 fixtures is technically over kill for the space. Will pull decent yields. If you intend on upgrading in the future, no light you put in there now is going to fill a larger tent adequately. In my opinion. So upgrade now and upgrade again if you get a larger tent? Buy what you need now and get a a suitable light for a larger tent when the time comes.

And yes the hlg is better quality. Get it. Spend the extra? So when you get a larger tent you can buy another hlg to replace that? Unless you chose the hlg 135 now and went to a 2x3 in the future like @CygnusX1 did. I had no idea a 2x3 was a thing! Sweet. But the 2 spider farmers together put out more wattage. It’s all choices. There are a lot of things that could impact the choices. 1 strain? 2 strains? Multiple heights? Clones? A lot of things should go into determining a light situation.


Yeah, agreed… And there is a rabbit hole here too… How much vertical height is available, better to run “hotter” setting on the lights with more distance from the plants to increase the overall coverage away from center of the light, etc, etc, etc…

@low I’m sure you’ve watched, but if anyone else wants to travel down the information overload wormhole, check this out…


Absolutely. I will say you can get within 12-14” of the canopy with 2 spider farmers. More wattage closer to the plant canopy good for 2x2s which are generally shorter. Single fixture leds with more wattage need more space. Might not have the room.

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Yeah, AC Infinity makes one!

So, I almost got a second SF1000 but thought it may be a tight fit in the 2x2 so went with the HLG. THEN decided to upgrade the space (which would have easily accommodated 2 of em). Upside is the HLG provides great coverage regardless and will be great for the 2 plants I’m running.

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How many sf1000s for a 2x3 (pretty much 2)

Comparison of singular fixtures HLG 135 and Sf1000

How the hlg 135 handles a 2x3

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How the hlg 135 handles a 2x2

I would lean for HLG too


I would agree if the 2 sf1000s together didn’t do a better job.

If there was a second one added it would cost $135 usd vs hlg at $165

A single hlg 135 won’t be as good as 2 sf1000s.

Not knocking hlg. I have spider farmer, Mars hydro, hlg, and a couple others.

For the space we are talking about 2 spider farmer sf1000s will do a better job.

So I did consider this before I landed on the bigger tent. My likely unfounded concern was how close the 2 SF lights side by side would come to the edges of the tent. While they don’t run terribly hot I was a little concerned with them sitting so near the side walls of the tent from airflow and safety perspectives.

Again, probably unfounded but the risk / reward wasn’t there for me.

Now, after all of that, there’s nothing stopping me from running the HLG and SF side by side in my 2x3.

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I would if I were you, atleast in peak flower. And honestly the true dimensions of the “2x2” do play a role. I’ve ran dual sf1000’s in 27”x27” perfectly.

Now not to be confused. We are talking about coverage over quality here.

Spider farmer recently came down significantly in cost. For the price point it’s amazing.

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Once again thanks guys for correcting me when I was wrong, have been of the coco for cannibals website and watched the link about light with the professor. Which would highly recommend for other to watch very interesting.
Going to upgrade my set up have a 2x2 now, do not have a lot of cash, can spend a 100 or less get a 4x2x6, that enough room for 3 autos in 5 gallon pots ? Already have 3 started in my 2x2, that be enough space ? Have the sf-1000 now was looking at the new viparspec xs2000 Samsung dio, meanwell driver. That plus my sf-1000 ?
Is math right
@CygnusX1 @Low @ocho @Mr_Wormwood
Think I did this right ?

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