Wow tons of Amber really fast

I think she’s done. Tons of Amber changed during this night period


do you have a scope?
Hair color is not always the best indicatorbut my personal opinion wld be to give another week. she may not look like shes growing but she is filling up with resin therefor makin flowers heavier

@Redwood Yes. These are through it. Hard to do.

The grow guide says when your trichs are milky white they have reached peak THC levels. It’s pretty much a personal choice after that. I waited till every other trich was amber but I’m looking for a heavy couch lock high. Check out the guide for more info

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Pulled her out and took to different light and the top 1/3 are 50% Amber and lower its 30 and bottom is 5-10. Cutting her tonight. She smells so good