Wow, this is rare (and cool)

So, my white widow surprised me with triplets leave set this morning, the up-coming leaves are triplets too. She is my 11th growth, is this rare?
I pull out one of the leaves just to see if its successor will be affected or not.


what is a


Check out the pics man, my English is poor, sorry about that

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They take longer to grow, I know hellraiser always tries to give them away instead of growing out. Will always be behind the rest of your plants. He gets about 1 a year

So it’s not super rare. No. But is it worth your time? You to you.

Actually it’s a fairly common thing.
Tri leaf.
Most times it’ll stop putting out 3 leaf nodes within a fairly short time.
But every so often they’ll continue throughout the grow.
My last tri leaf plant that continued growing them gave me over 1/2 lb from a 32 in plant.
They’re special girls and I would just leave the extra leaf in place.


oh i see now… 3 leafs per node…

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Whorled phyllotaxy. Some genetics people are trying to need the trait into their plants.

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Thanks, it’s fun


I’d keep it if it was in my tent. If for no reason other than curiosity! Enjoy it


Cant really tell with those pictures

It’s a 3 branch node instead of a 2