WOW this is incredible!

I started 5 new seeds Wednesday night. When I got home Friday I had 5 seedlings!!! All 5 had come up and first set of leaves. I used rapid rooter peat blocks in a covered seeding tray, under LED light.


Sounds like ILGM seeds!


Awesome, nice job!

Nice, congrats!

thanks guys one died on me will be moving into the grow tent soon bought the power mix pack gonna try photoperiod plant cannot wait to try train-wreck

the babies are doing great 4 inches tall and growing like weed

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Awesome! :+1:

Growing like weed because it is weed. lmao
Let sse some pictures soon!

I thought I had one seedling die. Just laying there brown and shriveled, DEAD. Too lazy to pull her I gave her a few drinks water. Go down to the grow tent and low & behold she is lifting her head and sporting a new green hat!!!


She’s a fighter! Keep her for sure!