Wow great service


I just got my seeds yesterday from Robert, Afghani (F), and I am very satisfied with how easy it was to order and how quick my seeds got here. Beautifly done! Will definitely come back for more! Now if spring would hurry up and get here. Thank you so much!!

Best Service Of any Supply House in ANY FIELD

I have been with Robert’s seeds for the last three years and I just ordered some Grand Daddy Purple. I have always had good service and excellent genetics from his seeds. This is a great place to get seeds.


Im awaiting my fourth delivery & have no fear of any problems. When i first started on this forum some folks had ordered seeds from other companies & they didnt get cannabis seeds. I woukdnt go anywhere else


My 1st order went so well I am waiting on my 2nd order as we speak. Got blue dream this time. I ordered with cash so keeping my fingers crossed that they get it. :sweat:
I cant wait to try them! Good luck and take care all! Glad your orders worked!


@highcountrygal @neckNflu @Laurap @TxGrowman
I got my seeds in 5 business days to Alaska from the date of shipment. This is not typical I’m sure. My first order that I ordered before that one, somehow got delayed, it hasn’t made it yet. I still have some time yet. Even if they are lost, I’m confident customer service will make it right.


I feel the same as you. That’s why I’m confident that the cash will work. They seem to have excellent customer support should anything happen. I have a ways to go myself too before their estimated receiving time. I check my email several times a day hoping for that reply of “we got your money seeds are on their way.” Haha
If they come in time I’m going to do a couple gold leaf and a couple blue dream. I’m so excited to get started. Good luck everyone and thanks for the reply


@neckNflu It was a hard choice between the Gold leaf and the Afghani so I got the Afghani. Then a friend pulled through like a champ and is gifting me 2 Fem seeds of Gold leaf! Zippity Doo Dah. I can’t wait either, however, I am trying my first winter grow so that kinds smoothes the waiting edges. I go outside and push dirt from one side of the yard to the other lol! :star_and_crescent: :woman_farmer:t4:


Good times a-coming @highcountrygal. I placed small orders with ILGM and another company also. My ILGM order was placed second and it arrived first! So happy. I paid both with cash and both came through. I trust ILGM especially since I am learning so much here and you all have been so welcoming.

Almost ready to start my first grow journal. And @highcountrygal, I’ve been turning soil and making plans since December. I know how you feel. Plus, You’ve got that great greenhouse! Good times a-coming!


too funny. Yeah I’m chomping at the bit to get started to. That is amazing your friend came through with a couple of gold leaf seeds?! That’s pretty cool. Yeah let me know how the Afghani goes. I’m sure it’s delicious but I don’t think I’ve ever had it. This will be my first time with gold leaf so when I get started I will shoot you an invite to my first grow Journal ever.
On a side note it’s kind of funny but after talking about waiting to see if ilgm would get my cash yesterday I woke up this morning to an email waiting for me that said they received it and my beans will be going out in a business day.! feels good to start off the day with good news.
Have a nice day. And I’m sure spring will be here before we know it. At least I hope so.


@mulegal, that’s awesome you’ve had success at two different places! I got admit I felt like an idiot when I told my wife I was going to send cash in the mail. She looked at me like I had a third eye growing out of my forehead. Haha But she let me try it and do it and I showed her the email this morning and she even said I guess this site is “completely legit!” Now I think she’s understanding that this is truly a you help me I help you and lots of good vibes and thoughts for everyone on the website to go around. Basically they’re a very honorable website. Trustworthy. And that’s rare in this world.
Between the respect and information the Forum gives us and the great business practices and customer support through the website, i will say this company has got me and my business forever. I will be a life-long member.
I usually got clones from dispensaries by my house but this coming grow with gold leaf and blue dream will be my first ilgm grow and I’m going to start my first Journal because I’m using their beans. Sorry for long post. Have a great morning.


@mulegal Mornin’! So what strain did you get? That is the hardest part of this whole process. I can’t wait to see your journal. Ya know start it now because this is all part of it. That little green house is so cool, worth the dinero esp now while it is supposed to be winter. lol Still in shorts and tank top, what I call my summer uniform. You go girl and this will be fun. How I stumbled on this site is one of the biggest blessings. The people are the best along with all the combined knowledge makes it over the top!!! :woman_farmer:t4:


@neckNflu Yes I am blessed with my gift. I had a heck of a time deciding so this made life much easier. I will say it again and again this forum is the most awesome place, I have learned so much and it is so fun to share with each other. And most definitely I want to read and see your journal. Like I mentioned to @mulegal start your journal now because what is happening now is part of it, plans, thoughts and getting ready. Yippee Skippee for your email. Good Karma :woman_farmer:t4:


Thanks for all the support and encouragement @neckNflu, and @highcountrygal.

I want a strain that is uplifting and energizing to get me up and at things, so sativa properties suit me best. I settled for Amnesia Haze Auto and a Jack Herer photo from ILGM.

I’ve started one auto and plan that it’ll be finished by mid May so it’ll be up and hanging while I’m away end of May…Bishop Mule Days you know!!

I plan to get the JH started and comfortably settled out in the garden by sometime in April. At least those are my thoughts now. And start another auto in June.

I’ll start a grow journal this evening and hopefully post a pic of my little sprout. Is there any how-to’s on how to post pics?


@mulegal Pics are easy to post, I figured it out by accident. When you get this post from me hit the reply thing to reply back. Now as you hit the @highcountrygal look up about an inch and you’ll see the smiley face etc. The rectangle box with the arrow pointing up is where you upload pics. Too damned easy for an old mind! Do you have a mule or do you just go watch and enjoy? I love that area. Try the pic thing. :woman_farmer:t4:


Well @highcountrygal, not sure if this is going to you or the whole list, but if the list, I hope this pic is OK. It’s sorta an answer to your question. Yes I have mules. Two retired old mollies who are pushing 30 years, and this is Maggie Mae, who I started about 4 years ago. She is a really good last ride for me. Exactly what I’ve been hoping for after retiring my #1 Jessie. Maggie is 8 now, was 6 in this pic. No I don’t compete at Bishop, that’s for the young folks. But I sure do have a good time watching and chillin. I love that area too.


@mulegal Wow nice lookin’ girl!!! Well both of ya!! I used to have back, way back and Alabama walking donkey and an Appy donkey. I just fought and won the battle with Cancer and I had to sell my truck, trailer and my beloved Wrangler I gave to a friend. My plan was to travel to all the national and state parks with a friend and our horses and camp and ride. I guess it was a pipe dream.


Sorry for intruding on your thread, but after reading I had to reply…
I’m a Stage 4 Cancer survivor also…
Like you I sold everything I had, car, truck, boat… etc,…
It was worth it… Both still standing…
Early 60s, so some stuff won’t come back… just stuff…
Don’t give up your dreams… You never know who or what might be around the next corner…
Happy Growing… :dash::deciduous_tree::upside_down_face:


@Dragon269 you are always welcome to comment! I had Bladder Cancer and had to have my bladder removed. Don’tcha hate when that happens. Thank goodness for my gardening. You grow girl! :peace_symbol: :woman_farmer:t4: :scorpius:


I lost gall bladder and 11" of my colon…
Funny thing, VA did the surgery and didn’t kill me… LMAO


After getting off the fng narcotics train the VA is fond of…:worried:, my life got better and when I got off All the meds and used only MJ my life got Outstanding…
Keep your chin up and the bong full… :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::dash::dash::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::sunglasses: