Wouldn't this be a cool product made out of cannabis

I was taking some pictures of my 5th week flowering THC bomb Buds and just checking out the trichomes and when I zoomed in on it I thought it would make an amazing camouflage pattern…
Can’t you guys just see our troops decked out in their favorite strain of bud camo! You know our country is on the right path when that happens.
What do you guys think @MattyBear @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 ? I would have tagged several others but sometimes when I start @ it gives me options of everyone i have had contact with but it’s not again now…

i just smoked some fire! Haha


We’re on the right path when the camo is no longer necessary! But I agree, super cool.


That’s the destination young grasshoppa’ … :v:

cool pic man, zoom out for bud porn??

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looks good to me brother

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@Mickanooch here you go buddy. black-dog-2


wowzers i just messed my trousers! thats beautiful mate what strain? :heart_eyes::ok_hand:


@Mickanooch it’s THC Bomb

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Geez! That is beautiful. Awesome job

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@neckNflu thanks bud. This is the same bud in week mid week 3… I wish this forum had smellavision! I’m constantly going on about THC Bomb for a reason.

**Typo Correction…
I realized I had typed wk 5 but it’s actually mid wk 6.



T gota say. To me that’s sure is a Bud of the Month ! I LOVR IT thumb

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Thanks @garrigan62. This strain buds faster than any others I have ever done with the exception of a couple of Early Girl strain grows I did a few years back which I expected due to that particular strains genetics being like the Lowrider strain and not near as many bud sites. THC Bomb lives up to its name bc within the first week on 12/12, buds with white whispy hairs were already blasting out everywhere. There was literally 0-4 days of transition.
It’s nice but I’m still not quite putting out what @willyj has been whipping up!

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I accidentally posted on wrong forum☝