Would your Gold Leaf strain be suitable for the Sea of Green method?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I do have a question. Would your Gold Leaf strain be suitable for the Sea of Green method? I wanted to check since Gold Leaf is 40% sativa and I’m planning on using the aeroponic system below. It has LED grow lights that are adjustable to almost 2 feet in height. Thanks again.”


Yes!! It is a very well suited strain for sog or scrog growing.
As far as the set up goes not sure. There are lots of folks here on the hydro side that will be able to give more insight on the system you are considering
@Donaldj comes to mind
Though it seems like that system may cramp the plants a bit. Gold leaf like room to grow


Also I see no specs on the lighting and since it is only adjustable to 2 feet that may pose an issue
Lighting is very important as you are trying to mimic sunlight
All the ad says is that they are full spectrum. Lets see what some of the others have to say


Here is a picture of my Gold Leaf grow with a SCROG, it was also grown in an aeroponics system.

I LST the plants starting early so they stay short.

Happy Growing :sunglasses:


Right on @MAXHeadRoom love your grow man!!


Gold Leaf bud from this grow

Fri Dec 29 11-43-03

Trichomes went crazy this grow :rofl:


2 feet in height is not nearly enough for a sativa, or an indica really. Even if you scrog’d them, I still do not think it would be enough height…


I think you would see other problems before you ran into issues with height running a sog in there. Like no room for roots.

I’m sure you can find threads of people growing weed in an AeroGarden, it’s pretty much the same thing. Most of them will say one plant, and it has to be relatively small. And you’ll need additional lighting.

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These units are too small with a 2’ light height max to use sog or scrog closer the light is less foot print so as plant grow it reduces viable light. Also root volume would limit both yield and quantity of plants most hydro growers start with a premade unit and see the flaws in it by end of first grow then either make their own or go bigger. Save yourself the frustration


Thanks for the tag @Growit I would say you run out of space for roots, and then you’d run out of space for lighting. @ILGM.Support.Becky


Even in their ad, the happy plants are low-growing. All the cannabis has grown up to the lights and beyond!