Would you Harvest early? Advice would be great!

I was planning on harvesting on 9/20 due To travel plans. I am considering pulling my plant early because I just found out it is infested with aphids. Would it be worth it to treat the bugs? Should I pull early or should I leave it as is till 9/20?

What’s it look like. how long has it been in flower

Not sure exactly how long it has been flowering,but it has been around two months. It has White and pink hairs All over it that are beginning to turn orange now. In the picture there are more than one plant but I’m sure you can tell the main one, it’s almost 5ft tall probably.


You may be on point. What’s the tricomes look like?

Ye ole farmer’s almanac has some info:


Straight 3% peroxide; really wet the plant down and concentrate on undersides of leaves. Wait 24 hours then hit em with either Safer (BtK) or Captain Jack’s Deadbug (Spinosad). Wait 5 days then repeat with everything.

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I don’t know how well you can see it but this is the top. I am a first time grower so besides what I have read i really don’t know a whole lot,or what to look for as far as knowing when to Harvest.

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Hey @Dave22, welcome to the forum.
It would be a shame to harvest such a great looking plant too early.
My opinion is to treat the aphids and let it mature. It will only continue to get fatter and more potent.
That is one great cola on the main stem.


Thanks I appreciate that… I would probably rather treat it because as you can see there are a total of 5 plants there that are All in flower and All have the aphids as I can tell, The other plants I believe may have gotten stunted due to a neighbors outdoor light but I would love to see what they end up like if possible. The neighbors light is the reason I have to box them in at night so they get complete dark. I’m really nervous about treating them and hurting them. What is the safest and (easiest) way to treat them? Thank you as far for the input. I appreciate all the help I can get.

Start with this article…
Then search the forum for “Aphids”
Look for the little magnifying glass…upper right on a laptop/computer screen…and you will find lots of suggestions.
More info…

Pretty colors on that plant.

Treat the pests, let it mature. You’ve got a few more weeks to go.

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Yeah I have decided to go with the tomato leaf spray as I grew tomatoes this year as well, I just can’t bring myself to cut it short. I will have to let the spray steap overnight etc. And I will spray it tomorrow night, I hope it goes well and I will definitely keep everyone posted on how things go, thanks

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Also I will be starting an indoor grow room as well for the first time and could use some advice on thing’s from time to time, anyone have any experience in growing gorilla glue autos? I will be starting with ten of those (as long as they all germinate anyway).


suggest you consider the Captain Jacks Dead Bug stuff…it works.
You have got this far…no reason to stop the good things going on. Let them mature and fulfill their best harvest possible. Lost too many Ladies to nasty ass vampire White Flies. Neem oil was a waste of time. Captain Jacks…took care of them…quick. Only thing that worked for me.

Suggest you start another topic for advice on getting started indoors.

Okay just an update for you All on the aphid problem… I did try out the tomato leaf spray and Saw ABSOLUTELY NO signs that it effected the aphids at All!!!
So I have now decided to try out the captain Jack’s Dead bug spray, last night was the first night spraying them down,(all five plants) so I was told to spray them down and leave them be for five days then to use a safer spray (not sure what I will use yet). Fingers crossed, hope it works out. So in My opinion the tomato leaf spray is a WASTE. I will keep you All posted on how things go with the captain Jack’s.

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Has anyone else had any experience with the captain Jack’s Dead bug spray?