Would you cut it?

Hey guys

I can’t afford a Microscope right now. I have looked closer with somewhat of a magnifying glass, and the trichomes seem milky. It’s a northern lights into the 9th week of flowering.

Should I start drying it?

Thanks in advance for any help


Welcome , if you’re not in a hurry I would give it more time to finish. Let those buds continue to fatten up. 9 weeks in flower normally should be pretty close. :v::+1:


Agree with @kellydans a few weeks , let those pistils turn a deep orange and recede back into the buds :love_you_gesture:


I’ll give it two more weeks of flushing then.

Thank you very much guys!

I agree with the others. Also, it could just be the pics but judging by the dark green shiny leaves it looks to me like too much nitrogen. They don’t need as much in flower, if it were me I would keep the p&k and pull back on the n a bit


Like the others said, a few more weeks. Love the Northern Lights, it was one of my first grows.

For your future endeavors a microscope isn’t necessary. I use a jewelry loupe with 20 and 60x magnification. It even has lights for each lens. Got it for $6.99.


Some serious foxtailing going on there


I know it’s tempting, but agree with others 2 to 3 more weeks.

Peace man.

And I use a 40X jewelers loupe with light. $8 on ebay

Thank you guys! I’m really relieved. This plant has been trough a lot. Where I live the temperature I had Big oscillations. From 50f to 80f on the same day. I had travelled for work and we we had been struck by a heat weave. Since I was out, I couldn’t turn off the heater, and she spent a few days with temps over 100. The stress heat really hurt her. That’s why so many burnt leaves. But it’s under control now and those leaves are from those days, no new leaves are becoming burn. But she is still weak, all branches are dropping, fells like she is dying. As I don’t know if she will be able to keep up with her weight, I was thinking about just setting curing.

It’s my first grow and I’m totally lost. I have watched some videos, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that step. I understood all I have to do now is to cut her main stein, hang her upside down for about a week, in the dark, 80f, 60% humidity. She should stay like that until the branches are crunchy, not bendable. And then Cut the buds and put them into air tight jars, in the same room, for about 10 days.

It’s nico to feel I can count on you guys for advice, this community is really embracing and encouraging, thank you all for that.

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Got home today to this.
That’s mold right?
Do I have to throw the plant away?

If that’s on the outside, it’s probably worse inside. I don’t think you can save those buds. I will be interested to see what the more experienced growers think.

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Yeah, that looks bad. I’d suggest cutting those affected areas clean off, and then use a diluted peroxide/water mix to spray the rest of the plant. Hopefully that will kill off any remaining mold, but you’ll want to check very carefully. You def dont want to smoke anything with mold in it

Hey guys!

I didn’t want to throw my entire first crop away. So i chose to throw away every part with perceivable mold on it, and get the rest to dry. It’s been a week and I haven’t notice any signs of mold growing.
It’s hard for me to differ the white powder like layer from a recent mold, so I am awaiting to see if any parts of it will become cotton like.

Thank you all for helping