Would you all be interested ina Gardening board?


We can share our gardening experiences with everyone. Whether it be flowers or vegetables; We can help each other flourish in the garden.

give me your feedback and ideas! :slight_smile:


I’m up for it. I have a huge garden myself, so it’d be cool to help others with their fruits and veggies.


I just have a couple of tomato plants, and some onions and green beans, but I have one really great onion tip! (I’ll save it for the board, heh-heh!)


@latewood that would be kinda cool to get going :thumbsup: great idea, it would work on all physical aspects of botany and agriculture


Sounds good I have outside and indoor Veggies
I think one leads in to the other.


Heck yeah! I’ve been gardening for 35 yrs. All related anyway, growing anything nourishes the body, mind, or soul!


Count me in Mr latewood,

Was rasied on a veg farm. I guess I’ll find out if anytyhing the old man taught sunk in. lol



For what it;s worth I’m here for 1 reason. Just my 2 cents worth.:v::sunglasses:


I only grow the basics to make an Italian Red Gravy (or Red Sauce, depending on where you live) but I’m in…!

I luv gardening and have just recently taken it up again and @ktreez420 your garden rules!


Well then, you need not participate. Works for me :slight_smile:


OK guys. I will add the board. I am looking forward to seeing how your garden grows.

Nedical Marijuana and Vegetables gardens do go hand in hand. Both contribute to our health. :slight_smile:


Thanks @latewood looking forward to the new board


This is funny…after all these years buying nutes for cannabis using our “tomato garden” as an example for the type fertilizer needed…we are actually going to be growing vegetables.

And I know some of you can grow some potent tomatoes.


Guess who’s having BLTs for lunch?! :slight_smile:


Hope your day goes well for you.


Nice looking veggies Kushpa…


Why don’t you show us your garden set up? I always love to learn how different growers succeed in producing such nice fruit. :slight_smile:

Post your garden in “The Gardens Corner”


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