Would topping help me..?

Would topping this amnesia #7 on the left help slow her from being way bigger then the other 2 girls? I topped the middle one (nothing done to the left) all have got slight lst they are like roughly 55 days of veg so far, had some hiccups in the begging possibly stunted them and what not but feel like they are looking healthy, have been getting rid of some leaves every 4-6 days because they keep getting bushy just curious on feed back and if I should top the plant on the left. And curious how long I should possibly continue to veg.


It couldn’t hurt.
If your goal is to keep them equal (or as close as possible) in height
for SCROG, topping or FIM wouldn’t hurt. If you are close to flipping
to flower, I wouldn’t, but if you’re going to Veg them another 2-3 weeks
topping would be my my next step to keep the heights similar.

Just my 2 cents. Completely ignore this if you are thinking otherwise.

No thank you for the feed back! I’ve never grown photos. Only have done autos once. Curious do these seem small? I mean in person they seem decent but on the small side, not very tall. I do have netting wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not.? Just seeing feedback right now

It’s all about root structure. If your root ball is big, the plant above the soil surface
doesn’t matter. You’ll see the result at harvest. It will continue to grow until about 1-2 weeks
before it’s life cycle is over. Once you switch to bloom it will go into “stretch”, That’s
when your bud sites will race to the top for more light. Not all bud sites will make it to the
canopy so you can snip off the lower bud branches so the buttons higher up will get more
water, vitamins and light, making for better buds.

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Thanks for the info and fast reply! Once flipped to flower would you just kee them a little defoliate day the bottoms and what not and make sure the bud sites aren’t covered.

Cut the lower branches at the stem, trim all fan leaves that cover bud sites, keep an eye
on the leaves from day to day and snip what is covering up the areas that need light.
You can go one of two ways with each branch and bud site.

(after you trim the lower branches)

1). Leave the branches in tact from stem to button all the way up. You’ll end up with a long
buds that travel up the entire branch.
2). Clean the button branches up to the main bud site and trim out the leaves from the center.
You’ll end up with heavy and thick buds at the top of each branch. (You see this mostly on
SCROG grows and super cropping projects).

This is basically the method I went for. This is an example of method #2
This is my current grow.

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This is an example of the first method

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