Would this plant recover?

I have them in a greenhouse temps were over 120F and when i walked in on them today, i seen them like this so i watered them till runoff , would these recover or ?

Oh yeah, just put em in the shade for a couple days. If you cant keep those temps down yer gonna need to put em outside!


got you ill move them to the shade im expecting 105F tomorrow so its gonna be pretty hot

how many times a day you recommend i water with that heat? 2-3 times

If they are not rootbound, just water them in the morning and you should be good? The plants shut down their stomata way before 100 f anyway. They do that to regulate water loss. Just keep them out of direct sun. Shade clothe or under a tree.
If they were in constant 78 ti 82 degrees and full sun would be ideal but …
The down side of a plant that shuts down stomata to reduce transpiration is less heat transfer, moisture isnt sweating out as much, that is why the plant wilts… its surface temperature gets too high like a radiator in a car stopping the flow. Ergo shade reduces surface temps and tge need to transpire as much.


got you and no there not i transplanted a few days ago and just tomorrow is gonna be 105F the next up coming days are in the 70’s and 80’s

Even more reason to shade them for a bit. You just shocked them a couple days ago!Just get them settlled into their new pot out of hot sun, they should be fine in a few days


thanks ! i added another fan in there and had opened up my plastic to let air out