Would this light be good for my already 4 month old outdoor plants

Hello everyone. I got this grow light as a gift and was wondering if it would be ideal for my 4 month old outdoor plants. Suggestions welcome,i am looking for something good but not too pricey

Sure. I would buy new bulbs before using. Old bulbs lose much of their power even if it fires up and looks extremely bright. Is it HPS or MH? I didn’t see

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Some ballasts can run both. I would Google the name and model number on the ballast to see what are the correct bulbs.

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Thanks for the reply. And i believe it is a 400 watt hps i googled the light… and the ballast does hps or mh. Which is better?

MH is best for vegetative growth. HPS is what you want to use for flowering. If you are using on plants that have been growing outside, the are close to, if not flowering so I would get these first. I would get at least two so you have a back up.


No and yes.

The one bulb says it’s a 2000w. You CANNOT use that! The ballast says, do not exceed 1000w!

The other ballast is only good for 400w. So make sure you only buy the correct wattage bulbs.

As far as which is better, MH or HPS? You want to use both. You use MH for veg. Then, you use HPS for flower. You’ll switch the bulbs out and flick the switch from MH to HPS.


Yeah, I told him Google ballast and order new bulbs

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I wish I couild tell you where get mine BUT as it maybe can’t, just google bubs.

Thanks everyone for the advice… I also have this ballast… I think someone might have modified that light because it says 1000w on the back of light but on the socket it says 2000w and the bulb is 400 and I have a 400 watt ballast

If the ballast is 400watts, that’s the only size bulb you can use. But you still need to determine if the ballast is for Metal halide, or high pressure sodium. Most of those magnetic ballast can only power one, or the other, but some can power both. The number on the socket is the rating for that socket, and not related.


Okay thanks. And the ballast has a switch for metal halide or Hps and I have a separate 1000w Hps only ballast… I’m germinating seeds so I can start my indoor grow. Would starting a plant on metal halide and then switching to a Mars led have any negative effect ? Same watts

Nope.use a metal halide for any Veg growing tho.

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