Would this be good start Seedlings in?

Was wondering if these peat moss pellets would be good start seedlings in bought my local doller store price is good why I’m asking??


What kind of seeds? Autos?

Yes, those are what I used to use to start seedlings but now I soak the seed in 3oz water with 1ml of peroxide for the first 24hrs then into a wet paper towel for another 24hrs(should have a root coming out by then). Then into a root riot plug.


These are almost exactly like root riot plugs, which I use, too. They should be fine :+1:

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What’s benefit of using these plugs for seedlings??

Dunno, just always have :joy:

Seriously though, they’re convenient, easy to use, your seeds/clones get a consistent density, moisture, etc. Like a cozy blanket for a new baby’s little feetses.