Would these lights effect her any

Just wondering if the lights in my alley would effect how my big one grows?

they are both about 50 ft. +/- 5ft away

Forgot her pic.


I would keep going for it, it has a lot to do with genetics. I have read of people having no problems with street lights close by. But others having problems on little things. I would think you would be okay.


Thanks I was just wondering because I noticed the back side of her , the buds seem to be thicker and more plentiful.

I mean her side that the dimmer light is on and obviously by my fence. Lol.

Yes they will effect her… get a BB gun and shoot that $h%t out… will hermi or won’t let it go into flower… either way ditch the light… :wink:

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Looks like it’s already flowering pretty nicely.

You may grab a sheet of plywood or cardboard that you can put inbetween plant and light to help shade light during dark period.


That light has the potential to hermi your grow, interrupt flower, keep your buds that see that light from swelling. There’s no guarantee that this will happen but also no guarantee that it will either. But in my head you are flirting with disaster


I’ve never had issues with the street light stress at least I wasn’t that close it is what it is at this point if you could block it some that would be great but you have a tree there and you should be fine but it’s a toss up if it will hermi Regardless I think you’ll have some really great smoke

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On my last grow, in a tent, at around week 6 of flower my pineapple haze went hermie. The GDP in the tent was fine.
After harvest, while bleaching out the tent, I noticed the tape I’d put over my temp control box was allowing red light to escape. It wasn’t bright but it was noticeable.
I can’t say it’s definitely the cause of the hermaphroditic response but I’m going to be damn sure that sucker is blocked off for my next grow.

I like @Sirsmokes idea about blocking direct light

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Well here she is

Wut do you think? When do you think she’ll be ready ?