Would putting in a support rod during flower damage roots?

I am sure my 2 gallon pot is full of roots. Would this rod placement damage an autoflower root system.

Should have I put in earlier?

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Try to put the support in the very edge of the medium right up against the pot. That’s what I do in hopes of less damage as possible

Thanks. I Did not want to damage roots. Although in week 8 I still have a few more weeks to go but they are flowering. Stay safe

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You’ll be good. Just make sure you use a stake that won’t mold. I’ve had good luck with bamboo

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Good point I was going to use a s’mores marshmallow stick. I will head to the tractor supply store Saturday and get bamboo support stakes instead.

Heres what you can do tape or tie with 2 strings to 2 support rods on opposite sides of your pot on the outside then with twine tie it tightly to one rod loop it 2 or 3 times around your stalk and then tie it tightly to the other rod that way you have support without stabbing anything in a suspension sort of way


I do it all the time. Plant won’t even notice it. Might even help it.

It might. If it does, I’ve never noticed and I’m always jamming things into the soil.

One of the things that sold me on fabric pots is the root development. Don’t go overboard, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

Happy growing…


Yeah next time around I will only do 2 plants and LST the heck out of it. The reason I need a rod support is because I “super cropped a cola as it was nearly hitting the light.

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I used netting for the first time this year. Both to spread the plant and support the colas.

So…I’m new here. First plant is going good. I think. I hope.

Can I ask…is this “split “ from LST? And how do I go about it? And when. I’ve googled. Read forums. And even have friends that are experienced growers. I have a college degree in medicine but cannot seem to comprehend LST and splitting the stems to make more stems and therefore more buds.

Please help me understand. Lol i posted pics of my timeline so feeel free to give any advice for where I’m at at this point. :slight_smile:

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I think if we read @oldmarine prior posts we might find out. As a new grower one of the biggest regrets is not doing LST. The good thing is help is here and making mistakes will make the next grow easier. Welcome to the forum and good luck.

Beautiful work with that manifold.

This one is showing off her knuckles