Would my plants be okay with just running CO2 and with no fresh air from the outside?

A question from a fellow grower:
well I’m just doing a little closet grow. About 4 to 5 plants tops. Not counting my mother so 6 plants. But I noticed my plants seem like they had nute burn. Also they had bugs all over them. And my closet grow that I got doesn’t have much fresh air. But I got CO2 running in there as well. As well as an air-conditioned room. My pH for soil is fine. So I just scrapped my plants. Bought some seeds. And I’m going to try this all over again. But what I was wondering is. Do you think that it will be okay having very little fresh air from outside. Taken consideration it is in an air-conditioned room. My temps are perfect 50% to 60% humidity 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Now I’m going with dry amendments instead of liquid fertilizers. Would my plants be okay with just running CO2 and with no fresh air from the outside? The only air coming from an air-conditioned. Also could you give me a good list of things I need to make my own soil 4 vegitive growth and then for flower. Thanks in advance :+1::grinning:

If you are planning on exhausting the warm stale air outside if you leave a pass through hole at the bottom of the closet it should pull enough fresh air inThe closet From the inside of the house. Hope that helps good luck

My first thought is that you need to get some air moving in the closet. You need the air movement to reduce mold, pests and to strengthen the plants. A little movement from a fan causing the plants to sway makes the stalk grow stronger.

CO2, as I understand it, is of little value unless everything else is dialed in and maxed out.

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With co2, you wanna have very powerful light as well

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