Would love some critiquing. First grow ever

Hello I am new to growing and am currently about 3-4 weeks into my first grow. I would appreciate anyone who could tell me if my plant looks normal at this stage. I’m using a 5X5 grow tent

–im growing Auto Lemon Haze and Auto Blue Dream. The auto lemon haze is about 1 week further than the blue dream.

  • I’m using 3 LED lights (parfactworks 2000, spiderfarms sf2000, and bestva DC 2000).

  • I’m using 7 gallon air pots and foxfarm happy frog soil

  • I have a vivosun ventilation fan blowing cool fresh air from a window into the bottom of the tent. I have an IPOWER 4 inch ventilation fan blowing hot air out of the top of the tent

  • I have cool mist humidifier running 24 hours a day.

  • average temperature between 70-80 and 40-50% humidity all day every day


— MARCH 15

— MARCH 21



—MARCH 25th25th–right before lights out. She is a bit tired



Any critiquing would be great. I’m only concerned with how this 1 plant looks right now. It broke out of the ground around march 4th and the first pic is from march 6th.