Would love general help just until seeds arrive

So basically I have a hydroponic drip system. I use clay pebbles as my medium. When I get my seeds, how would I germinate them in rockwool, what is the process and easiest or best way? Let me know, thanks! :slight_smile:

Soak your rock wool in ph water at 5.5-5.8 place seed inside and keep them humid in about 72-77 % humidity and lights about 28-36 inches until they sprout .


Very simple way of putting it, thanks heaps, Yoshi! :slight_smile:

Hit @ktreez420 he knows hydro I trust his opinion or the forum moderator @latewood but normally they chime in when most us small guys get it wrong .


I use 1.5" rockwool to germinate.

I place the cubes in a small trays and run warm water over them. When competely saturated, I take each cube and hold it gently as not to squeeze it, and holding my hand above my head I kind of sling the excess water from the cube allowing gforce to allow water to escape. I place a seed into prepared vube. I tear a tiny piece of rockwool from 1 corner and place it in the hole provided in top of cube. Place under a dome in a warm place. (heating mat or above a lightbox or on the fridge; Whatever). 2 -3 days later all seeds are popped and looking great.


Sounds good! Thanks for your help, but did you say you tear a piece of the rockwool and close the hole the seeds in? At what point am I putting the seed in? I have ordered the fruity mix if that helps, I wanna get these going ! :slight_smile:

Pretty simple. Wet cube insert seed gently close hole with a small piece off any corner