Would like to know about curing but retaining sticky and moist buds

Hi All, I have a nice harvest coming in a few weeks with multiple strains and I’d like to cure in a way that the bud retains its stickiness and moisture. Had a good first run but the buds were on the dry side. I cut my first grow at the branches and wet trimmed. I hung em for about 5 days on average and then put them in mason jars. They may have been overdried when hanging. I waited till the branches snapped. Should I have added a humidifier to the room to slow the process?
I added boveda packs after a week of 2x/day burping but they never got back to being moist. My guess is when its gone naturally even adding the boveda packs doesnt help much. My old supplier always had sticky product and I would love to learn the process. Ive seen others use paper bags but I’d like to know how much is in the bag? Just a few full branches or just trimmed buds?
My first up will be an Amnesia Haze Auto thats getting close for Harvest.
Would love to hear about drying and curing methods that the pros use!
I also see some people sample the pre harvest bud a bit too. With it so fresh, Is there a way to quick dry/cure small amounts.

You probably just dried them a little fast. Where did you dry at and what was temp and rh?

HI @dbrn32, I dried in an extra bathroom in the house so temps were in the lo 70’s. Humidity was kinda low in the 20-40% range. Used a hanging drying tent also in the room. Had a small 6" fan moving air around the room as well.

Try keeping temp a little lower and rh a little higher. I can usually do 65-70f and 50% rh except for in dead of winter. If I’m drying crop in middle of winter I have to be very careful to not dry them too long. You also want to keep fans from blowing air on your buds. Keep air moving indirectly


The whole idea behind curing is allowing the resin to “crystallize” and moisture will inhibit that process, not to mention over time moisture can degrade weed and make it smell like hay, too much moisture and mold spores will germinate and turn your weed to something unusable unless you cold filter it at super critical temps and make it into shatter, otherwise the mold will remain no matter what you do to it. If you prefer it “moist” then freezing it is your only option for any storage duration. A couple pumps from a pump sprayer in a plastic baggy will return moisture to dehydrated weed.

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It was January Feb when I was drying, so yes your right about the tough conditions in the winter. Should I consider a humidifier?.. now that spring is here humidity is up a bit.