Would like to get feedback on the Mars Reflector-192

Would you experienced grower recommend the mars reflector series. See here for details.It seems to be a pretty decent light and the 192 Model covers a 4x4 space so the coverage is good. What are your thoughts?

I dont have this light but it gets very good reports from owners.
It says its a replacement for a 450 hps but I would say it is better then that and closer to a 600 hps.
I would love this light but 2 smaller ones would be my choice for that area, It will help spred the light better.

Two of these Reflector 96

I want two of these Reflector 144


Looks like a nice light for all the stuff there it sounds worth the $320 and i agree with @Iva id say probably even make up for a 600 watt light, now my thoughts on this light are how many plants are you trying to grow in how big/small of a space

You could build one for under 40$ and it will be better.


Well i have a pretty ok size room. i’d say 9x7ft but well ventilated. I ordered 20 WW from here so it’s on the way just trying to prepare.I’m not going to grow all 20 at the same time BUT i would like to put at least 5 down to start (in case anything goes wrong i would have backup plants) It would be my first grow actually and just want to make sure i have all the right conditions especially lighting. Where i am going to grow isn’t a dark place either the room itself is pretty bright during the day but no direct sunlight hits it during the day hence i would still need lighting. Temp in my country is average 26-34 degrees Celsius. Humidity is high during the rainy season (which we are in right now) 85-87%. So all these factors are being taking into consideration for my lighting. Was thinking for using a mix of CFL and this led and use Mylar to get the light reflected to the plant.


A friend of mine has a T5 setup that worked really well cheap to buy and cheap to run.
He has setup a 4mx4m room with 3 x8 tube lights and he gets really big buds I asked him where he was hiding the 1k
Son-T’s they were really that big as thick as my arm.

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Ok thank i just know that based on me reading that LEDs was the way to go so. Idk yet…but i would have to get 2700k bulbs for the flowering stage for the T5 lamps correct?

Not if your using led lights, just make sure you have a veg and boom switch or full spectrum led


Got some great deals on some 4 bulb 6500k T5 Lamps here so i think i run my first grow and see what happens. Seed still on the way. How many plants you can grow under on of these? I’ll prob put one on the side also to help the bottom of the plants get additional light when in full veg stage to super crop.

I have used the Mars reflectors.
These grew great for me… In my 2x2 bloom area.
They also vegged great but I never used the veg setting. It cuts on the wattage.
Keep the Mars reflector in Flower mode for both veg & bloom
These are really good lamps for those just getting into the "led"
There are quite a. Few threads dedicated to Mars Hydro…give it a Google.
I am now running a DIY Cob led with Cree 3590 lights.
While the Cree is kick butt, I do miss my Mars then and now.