Would like some input


Just transplanted 8 days ago. The solo cup shows grouth at transplant. They seem very happy, in a 2x4x5 tent ,qb 260xl, FFOF soil , pH at tap 7.7 pH down to 6.5 and run off is 6.7ish. When should i start topping??? And any other suggestions welcome. Planning to start FF trio at aprox 3 weeks from now. Sooooooo what do you think???


Guess picts would help LOL


Lookks like ur about ready to start topping. Looks like u have 5 or 6 nodes going so u will b ok. Are the seeds auto or photo? Topping autos is not recomended but some do top autos.


This is some “Dutch Dope” photo. I thought they looked ready but it’s only been 8 days since trasnsplant, wasn’t sure if I was going too fast. They seem to be quite happy at this point!


Auto or photo? I did a mainline in my grow if you want an example…


I usually top and transplant at the same time. I think u are ready to go after 8 days from transplant.
Happy Growing
@Deflect he said they r photos


Ya looks like a project for tomorrow.


Oh didn’t read the ‘photo’ comment sorry. You can top now or wait for a bigger grow and make a clone with the top…


@Growit and a few other told me wait till they have 7 nodes about a foot tall. I did my 1st ever topping a week ago plants doing good, now I have a New York Diesal and GG#4 I need to top tomorrow.

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I’d say top them they are looking good tho.

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I would do that top later let them get some size to them. Then make some clones so when they are done u have plants ready to flower

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I actually said 5 nodes of growth
I wait till they are at least a foot tall but that is just me
I have seen growers mainline their plants at 3 nodes
It is up to you they are your plants
5 nodes is a rule of thumb


In my opinion they are really small to start stressing them
But that is just me
We all grow different
I try to only transplant one time
And once they are in their final pot they are going to finish in then I start topping, fimming , snapping , and bending


And they look great
You are doing a fine job

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Sorry 5 nodes sound good, sometimes my 66 year old brain gets foggy in the smoke

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Trying to contain myself a bit from going too fast, as I’m a newbe. Learned what not to do and what equipment I needed from 1st grow. Now with good lights, good soil, PH ing water and adjusting same I’m on the path (I hope) to some good results. They seem to be growing fast now and am seeing new development every day. They have trippled in size since transplant (9 days) now.) BTW for other newbe’s…don’t sweat the Ph thing, easy-peasie! May do some LST for experience but main goal is to be successful this time and learn enough build my confidence for the next step in scroging. I still have a lot to learn! But with you’se guy’s help how can I go wrong (let me count the ways!).

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Picts as of this morn. 11 day from transplant.


They look healthy… Just a suggestion…

When you create images for posting, consider putting them under lighting conditions approaching “natural”.

It is much easier to evaluate overall health and diagnose issues if they aren’t under light skewed to far towards any particular color spectrum.

For instance, I’m pretty sure your plants are a nice healthy green, but the lighting is causing a yellow shift, which disguises the true color.

Just my preference… just a suggestion… :slight_smile:

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Just using my phone camera under LED hlg260xl lights. I see the yellow shift as well. Its not the plants so I will try without the LED and using room lighting. Thanks

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They are going to out grow those one gallon pots very soon