Would like some clarification

I need some clarification on a couple of topics. It seems that many growers agreed/disagreed on some of the topics I mention below and I really would like clarification.

Question 1: Light schedule during veggie Period
Starting from the seeds till the end of the Veggie period, can I keep the light 24/0 instead of 18/6?
I read some growers keep them 24 hours (not darkness) for the veggie state because they think plants grow faster and better on 24 hours on vs 18/6.

Question 2: Light schedule for Mother plant
Mother plants: what is the best light schedule to keep the mother plant? 24 hours without any darkness? This topic also has mixed opinions.

Question 3: How and when will I be able to determine if my plant is a dwarf plant or not?
I ordered GDP Feminized Seeds and the seeds that I received ended up some types of dwarf plant. But I didn’t know until well into the flowering stage because I never grow dwarf plants. I received the replacement seeds and plant them on July 20th in Rockwool. It doesn’t look good.
If these are NOT GDP, and if it is a dwarf plant, it may be auto-flowering. That is what happened to my previous grow. I didn’t know this and I had the dwarf plant that was auto-flowering and my Banana Kush veg together in the same tent. Needless to say, by the time I realized that one was flowering and the others are not, it was too late. I harvest last week and my yield was very small. Today, I start to make RSO, I got a whole lot of seeds from the buds.

So, I need your help if anyone can tell me (or had experience growing the dwarf plants) recognize these plants that I am showing. I can’t afford to wait another 1-2 months to find out it is the dwarf plants. @AAA

Note: I took a photo of these out of the tent, so it may look like not enough light.




Are you asking I’d they’re going to be small or if they’re autos? Dwarf and autos are not necessarily the same. Photo period plants grown from seed can have any number of phenotypes, depending on breeder or generation of genetics.

As far as your yield being affected, not sure why your Kush was affected, especially if you think the GDP was an auto. No need to harvest anything if it’s not ready. You can have plants of various ages in your tents, as long as they’re on the same light cycle.

As far as veg light, pretty much anything above 18 hours a day. Some dip down to 16. It’s really up to your style, research, and power bill. Plants do need some dark to complete vital processes, so 24/0 is typically only used during germination/seedling weeks.


I am just stating that the last seed that I plant was dwarf auto-flowering plant.
But my question #3 is if anyone can tell if this is the dwarf plant or not. This is supposed to be Grand Daddy Purple (That is what I ordered and received as GDP) from ILGM. or If anyone thinks it is (my photos) normal to have the plant this small.

In the past, I’ve purchased Banana Kush and Gold Leaf and they were growing really fast unlike my current one shown above.

Question 1 & 2 are pretty much the same. As blackthumbbetty said, it’s more of a preference. 24 or 18 both work. I prefer 18 as I believe that plants, like humans, need a rest.

#3- there is no rule on figuring out if you plant is a dwarf. The only real way is to take it to harvest and see what you got.

The plant you harvested that had a lot of seeds either went hermaphrodite on you, or another plant did and pollinated it.

When a plant is pollinated(and makes seeds), it finishes its life cycle early. In its mind, it’s done it’s job, time to die. By holding back pollen from a female you are causing her to produce more buds, bigger buds, more resin, more THC, etc. all this stops once it thinks it’s “over”.

So, now let’s focus on your GDP seedlings.

Your last picture of a seedling started 7/19 dies not look abnormal. I think if anything that the rockwool might be challenging. I believe your end mix is soil so no need to start in Rockwool.

I think you have a possible environment issue and not genetics.

So others can help, I have filled in in bold what I know, please highlight the support ticket, hit quote and add in the other details:

Strain: GDP seed

Age from sprout: 13 days

Age from flower: N/A

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

How often do I water and how do I determine when to water:

PH and ppm of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS.

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Room size:

Light system, size, height from plants:

Temps; Day, Night:

Humidity; Day, Night:

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size:

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:

Co2; Yes, No:

Any other info you think is pertinent:

Everyone, please keep in mind she is growing to try and save her husband from cancer, so fir her the grow is life and death. Please chime in if you have done good advice. @dbrn32 @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @Missiles @merlin44 @DoobieNoobie @whoevercanhelp.


That plant is a seedling. Seedlings are small.


What is your lights and what nutrients are you using?

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You can if you want. Cannabis Is C3 plant, will photosynthesize as long as receiving light energy. My suggestion here is to run what is needed to hit daily light integral.

Also depends on your goals. In most cases people don’t want a lot of growth out of mother plants. Low powered on 18 hours is probably favored, but I hear silly stuff all the time too.


@AAA, @dbrn32, @ThcinKC, @blackthumbbetty thanks for the reply.
The reason that I assume last dwarf plant was auto-flowering was, I had 1 dwarf and the 2 Banana Kush. At the time, I didn’t know the dwarf plant was already budding. It was so small and also I plant them all 3 at the same time, I did not expect it to be the dwarf. That is why it went hermaphrodite on me. Budding and Veggie in the same tent.
Anyway, I am trying to avoid the same mistake by checking the current plants. So, I know either to toss it out or put them in the separate tent and start another batch of the seeds.

I agree with you on 7/19 seeding. I think it may be too early to tell. this is from the replacement seeds, So, what are the chance of getting the wrong seeds twice, especially the replacement.
However, the earlier ones Photo #1 and #2, that is still questionable.
== I copied your post below and add my notes. Sorry for missing this info ==

Strain: GDP seed (supposed to be GDP. That is what I ordered and planted)

Age from Sprout: Pic#1 (31 days) Pic#2 (18 days) Pic#3 (13 days)

Age from the flower: N/A

Soil : General Potting soil + perlite + Coco Coir mix

How often do I water and how do I determine when to water: Water every other day if top looks dry.

PH and ppm of runoff or solution in the reservoir? PH to 6.0 - 6.5. I never checked ppm.

What is the strength of the nutrient mix? EC, or TDS. - Using Fox Farm’s Nuts 1/2 of the recommended dose.

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Room size: 10x4x7 grow tent

Light system, size, height from plants: My previous plants didn’t get any taller than 4 feet. Hang the lights from the ceiling. About 2" above the plant. There are LEDs: 1200W + 1500W+600W+1800W +450W Hanging and ready to turn on. sometimes, I don’t turn it on all of them. Depends on the size of the plants and the number of plants in the tent at the time.

Temps; Day, Night: It’s indoor and during lights on; Temp stayed around 80 +/- lights off: Temp 70-75F

Humidity; Day, Night: stayed around 40-60 (dehumidifier inside the tent set to run 24/7)

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: Inline carbon filter 4"

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: - No AC. Dehumidifier in the tent

Co2; Yes, No: No Co2. at the current time.

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If it was an auto and you didn’t change your light cycle, no hermying would happen unless there were major light leaks during lights out. Autos are actually great for growing with photos, for that reason.

Your Kushes wouldn’t have started bloom until you changed your light cycle. At that point, both auto and photo would still have grown together w/o light related issues.

I am wondering what else occurred to cause your hermying, stunting, and early blooming.


Thank you for pointing all of that out: exactly right.


Exactly what I was going to write, thx for getting it done @blackthumbbetty.
There is something else going on here.



If it was an auto and you didn’t change your light cycle, no hermying would happen unless there were major light leaks during lights out. Autos are actually great for growing with photos, for that reason.

Your Kushes wouldn’t have started bloom until you changed your light cycle. At that point, both auto and photo would still have grown together w/o light related issues.

Maybe I didn’t explain this right or maybe I don’t understand how 2 different cannabis; auto-flowering and feminize plant can grow together in the same tent. What happened was, I had 2 banana kush (fem) and 1 dwarf (auto) seeding/growing (staring) at the same time. No other plants in the house. Just these 3. At the time, I didn’t know one of the plants were Dwarf Auto. Because I thought I am growing 1 GDP and 2 Banana Kush. I usually like to veggie 8-10 weeks and keep the light at 18/6. Checking the plants daily, I noticed 1 plant did not grow at the same rate as the other 2. I just thought it was normal. but as days pass, 1 plant was extremely short, no branches, Then, I noticed it already had budded and I saw trichome on it. this happens while the other 2 veggie plants still in the same tent. So, I switch the light to 12/12 not knowing how long the dwarf plants been flowering… Another 2 months pass, unlike other times, these plants didn’t have the large buds and not much resins on them. Finally, after I dried /cured them, I start to wash it with alcohol to make RSO. Then, I noticed there are a ton of seeds. That is the reason that I thought it went hermaphrodite on me. Am I wrong to think so?
Attach photo is the one that create all the problem. I don’t have much experience but I know for sure it not GDP! And I can not afford to repeat the same problem again. That is why I open this thread and ask if anyone advice me with my current seeding plants (one that I upload at the beginning of the thread). Photo 1 and Photo 2 posted at the first thread are the one that concerns me the most. It’s too small in my opinion.



I would guess you had other issues with the plant itself or the environment. Very easily could have been a pheno that wasn’t going to perform. It happens.


So, everyone has floated some good ideas. The hard part is that no one can tell you exactly what is going on or exactly what you need to do as we are not there, and even then it might be a guess.

What you need to do is take all this advice and use it to evolve your grow.

One thing I would like you to do:

  • Go into the room your tent is in and turn on all the lights IN the room. If there are any windows in the room, do this during the day when the sun is coming through the window.

  • Go inside you grow tent and turn off all the lights IN the tent(all the lights outside should still be on)

  • Close the tent up from the inside and look for any light leaks. If there is ANY amount of light coming through, no matter how minute, you need to seal up that light leak.

I know this is a critical grow for you.

We have spoken before, so I also know that you have a big space that you are not completely using. You can do more than 4 plants, in my opinion.

Please post pics of your tent with how the lights are arranged and how your plants are arranged.

Good luck


Very sound advice above. Just my lil 2 cents here to… reiterate

The ‘dwarf’ plant you mentiond was possibly just an AF (autoflowering) GDP. As im sure ur research has taight you. AF’s flower whenever they please. Lighting schedule doesnt matter (as they do with photos) If stressd and stunted at an early age, they dont have the time or patience to properly veg. So u end up with little plants in flowering.

As @AAA said, light leaks are a suspected culprit here. If she is in the dark, and light in creeping thru, it confuses the heck out of her. And she herms…

Growing an AF and a photo period plant in the same tent wont hurt them at all. AF’s will flower at 18/6, so that didn’t make her herm. And flipping the photos too quickly was not mandatory (hindsight… so I understand what u were thinking)

Now… onto this next round. U should check for lighting leaks. And make sure that environment is stable. Remember. AF’s operate on their own time. So try to make sure she is comfy and happy early. That soil looks quite wet and not perlite loaded. Perhaps its not properly aerated and holding onto too much water?


@AAA, @PurpNGold74, Well noted and Thanks for your advice.
I check on the tent and it has small holes on the sewing part of the zipper. Not all areas, but more than it should.
Does anyone know of the best way to plug the holes? it’s the pinholes. Because of the zipper, it is not easy to put the tape around.

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Sorry no help there. Someone will be along to chime in a bit. No problem tho. I hope all goes well. And :pray:t5: for ur hubby

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This is a common problem…also, not all tents have good light seals on the zippers as well.

One way to deal with this is to put a tarp over the tent so no outside light shines on the zipper areas.
As advised by @Myfriendis410 and @PurpNGold74 and @AAA, sit in the dark tent for about 10 minutes or so to determine when you have it sealed properly.

My main grow room is a framed and sealed room in my basement. Every grow, just before flipping to flower, I sit in the darkened room to check for leaks and eliminate any that I find.

Good luck getting all of this sorted out.

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@merlin44, @purpNGold74, @AAA
Thank you all for all input on my problem.
I got busy and fix most of the pinholes. If you guys ever need to do the same, this works great!
I will check it again and re-apply if necessary. But, I just check after one coat and I don’t see any light leaks.


Nicely done, keep us up to date, include photos, we love looking at cannabis at any stage of growth.