Would like opinions

Is a bloomspect600w led full spec a good light from start to end money is tight but what light I’m using wot last much longer n I wanna do this right . I have 3 plants in each tent n one has a Mars hydro 600 n the other jus has 2 two ft LED hanging lights n 1 led with a metal dome . anyone have an ideas on light my cash is bout 100$

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Honestly 100 bucks wont get much of a light that will flower a plant. Dependking on the size of the space u r looking at atkeast 200 bucks for a light to veg and flower a pla t and 2p0 bucks is getting a good small light to do a 2xw flower area. Maybe can get one for a 3x3 at 200 but not much over

The Bloomspect is only a 132 watt light. You might want to reconsider how many plants you will grow at the same time. The bloomspect is barely enough for one plant in veg. The spectrum of the light is less than ideal.

You will need a better light to flower a plant well enough for a good harvest.

I would recommend an HLG 135 Rspec for one plant, though an HLG 260 Rspec would be better, but I recognize your budget. The Spider Farmers have come a long way too. Be sure to get one with Samsung LM301 diodes.

i don’t think your budget is realistic, if you want to have a satisfactory harvest.

The sun is shining for free :wink:

If this is something you plan on doing for some time don’t save on lights!

@dbrn32 can surely help you find something that does the job and doesn’t leave you homeless.

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OK so my budget is more in the 200$ I was going over things an dbrn 32 if u can that b most helpful it for my home made tent its 4long 2wide n 7jigh

What bout the spider sf 1000 n I have 3 plants per tent

Figure 30 to 50 watts per sq ft. 30 with good brand such as hlg rapid rayon ect. Id say prolly a bit more toward the 40 and 50 per sq ft with mars and sf ect. They r goid. Ut a 1000 id say good for a single plant itself. How big of spaces and how many lights per space

2x4. Hmm. 2sf1000 2000s if u can would be better

I tried this light with two plants. It’s not enough for two. One plant completely took over the other in the fight for light.

I used some Sub-par lights on my first indoor gro, got about 3oz total out of 3 plants. My last grow, which I have another 3, 2 are still growing, but I have already harvested one and I got 3.5 oz off it alone! Mars TSL 2000 was way worth the price. Lightning DOES make a difference!

Interesting…was going to invest in the Mars SP3000 for 2 plants at a time. Will that be enough club? (golf joke) @TEGRITY

Sorry to ask my own question in someone else’s post. Remove if frowned upon. :frowning:

Oh yeah! That will do several. Good lights.
But, @dbrn32 is the light guru! I’m just giving an opinion of my experience.

Just bought Spider Farms sf 2000 for cracking beans, n clones. They have Samsung Diodes, but not the LM301 diodes. My area ain’t even 2X2 n that’s about the max for this light, 2X2. I wouldn’t even think of trying to flower one plant with it. From what I read I got the right light for what I’m doing. I’d continue looking n saving for something better it’ll pay off down the road…:alien:

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Maybe you or others looking for lights in the $100 -$150 and power range will find this useful. It isn’t a sales pitch but rather a what to look for/ know what it is, type of video using three popular name brands that are commonly avail you know where. It is by Albo Pepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardener on his 2/21/21 comparison of 1000 nameplate models from Spider Farmer, Maxsisun and Mars. If you search youtube for Albo Pepper…

Spider Farmer, Maxsisun, Mars Hydro - Entry Level LED Grow Light Comparisons, Test Reports & Reviews… you should be able to find it.

I should add I am not saying these lights will do what you are looking for but rather it may contain info that provides the info to help you decide if that is what you need or if you need to look for something else with more capacity.


I got 1sf2000an sf1000 with 3 plants in flower going great n other tent is a tsl2000 with 3 in flower going great :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )