Would like input have you grown all 4 gg4-Bruce banner-girl scout-banana cush

Buying some seeds but having hard time picking what to get I’ve herd a lot good on all so if you’ve grown all four what do you believe to be the best

Gorilla glue
Bruce Banner
Girl Scout cookies
And banana Kush

I mainly do indoor grows thnx


All but the Banana Kush, GSC is a very hearty and resilient strain I’ve grown as well as the Bruce Banned. Grew a few Gorilla Glues but not a favorite. Personally I don’t think you could go wrong with any or all of these :love_you_gesture:

The only strain among your list that I’ve grown is GSC. I loved the earthy, minty smell.

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Gsce is a good one I’m smoking that now. I also got the Bruce and gg growing. I bought the super mix pack last year during the Halloween special. Purple kush auto is another good 1. I got that drying out now.

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Thnx I appreciate feed back

Thanks man

Why not banana just wondering if there is reason, cause I’ve herd good stuff about it and thank you

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Purely for the fact that I don’t have any Banana Kush Beans :joy:. I’ve heard great reports on the smoke though :love_you_gesture:

Makes sense

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