Would i get root bound?


Quite the operation @peachfuzz. I would love to run that many. Ah the dream…


It’s really alot less then you think… :wink:
Usally 4 out of 6 will grow into monster’s… :wink:
I tend to stuff every thing in , so it just looks like alot… :wink:
The last run in my most recent scrogg yielded a couple of grams over 2 lb of dry medicine under a 600 watt hps with 8 ladies… :wink:
It’s my diy rdwc units that are killing it… :wink:
Will get some more pics tomorrow and post on my thread… :wink:
Sorry @Saffa

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Haha algood @peachfuzz il start a journal soonish im always happy to read and learn. 2lb off a 600w now that’s impressive how big was the scrog?


3 feet x 5 feet… :wink:

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Nice. do urs end up falling over due to weight?




I have 2 net’s … one to tie everything down and another net 8 inches above the other one to hold everything up… :wink:
The only time I have things falling over is when I get lazy and don’t get the Nets up on time like this mess… :wink:

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That sounds good im going to setup another net when i get home lol @peachfuzz


You will be glad that you did… :wink:
I’m actually going to be setting up another set of walls , so it will be 3 stories tall… will be posting pics… :wink:

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How high is each story? Have u heard anything good about those bowl trimmers? @peachfuzz


Not sure what you mean by bowl trimmers… for trimming or for growing? :wink:
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For trimming you put the buds in the bowl put the lid on and wind the handle and presto haha looks way faster but quality will drop abit. Its called a spin pro leaf trimmer @peachfuzz


Unfortunately it’s all done by hand at this point… I will look into it tho… :wink:

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I don’t like bud trimmers…they steal all the crystals off the bud. But they do make life alot easier when trimming time comes I’m sure :slight_smile:


8 inches in between each net… :wink:

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2nd nets up damn these girls are growing fast. still not sure at what height to flip the sog @peachfuzz


How much room do you have… as far as height…? :wink:

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@peachfuzz ive flipped my scrog already theyve got close to a meter and my sog are all about 6" tall thinking of waiting until theyre 10" tall


Any updates? :wink:

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I was just trying to remember who posted this or what the title was the other day. Glad you posted!