Would i get root bound?


That’s a lot of plants in there! Most Scrogs I’ve seen they use a smaller amount of plants to fill out the netting, interesting way to do it though since the net will fill up quicker so you could probably switch light cylces earlier I imagine. Looking good👍


@Jmesser80 its abit diferent to a normal scrog i grow them vertical around 2ft and topped so anything from 4 to 8 main colas all vertical then i lst them in the tent all spaced evenly and bent at around 1 foot in all directions to fill the square space then i lower my screen onto the lst’d plants give them a week in there then flip i try to tuck the taller tips until the shorter ones catch up my screen is at 600mm from the floor tips are at 700mm so ive got 1.3m for my light hopfully i dont get too much stretch if i do il adjust my grow next round still dialing it all in


I see, limited in height. Do you have a grow journal going on? If so I’ll follow along I’m interested in how it all works out.


Yea ive only got standard 2m tall tents i havent currently got a grow journal il look into starting 1 @Jmesser80


I’ve got 2 tables and then a pic of my other scrogg that I started a week ago… :wink:



Nice is that in dwc? @peachfuzz


Rdwc… :wink:

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I like the capability of lifting ur scrog to check on ur roots @peachfuzz


I don’t check my roots… :wink:
I check my rez’s… :wink:

Ppm and ph and water temps… pretty simple… I luv it… :wink:

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Have u always done hydro or have u done soil before? If so have u run the same strain and did it shave off any veg /flower time? @peachfuzz


I was a soil grower for about 8 years and then about 2 years ago I switched to hydro… plants grow so fast compared to soil… but they don’t finish any faster… their just huge when they finish compared to soil… :wink:

More yeild for sure… :wink:
Also I have grown the same clones in soul and hydro and the hydro beets the soil in yeild big time… quality is about the same… just depends… some grows are better than others … no matter the media… :wink:
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Awsome il definatley be calling on you @peachfuzz when i do the big change over :smile: Ive already got alot of the gear. Any idea of how long 4 plants would take to fill up a 4x4 scrog? In rdwc


Usally 3 weeks for clone to take hold and start it’s early veg , then about 4 weeks of good vegging and by then they are monster’s ready to flower… :wink:
I Usally have a hard time keeping up with them…
The scrogg that I started last week is definitely going to be a challenge because of how big the plants were going in… :wink:

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They look so healthy tho do u give them any type of silicate? @peachfuzz


Ya I do , I forgot about that… another thing that I give them is Diamond nectar… :wink:
Here’s a pic of my veg area…

These are in my diy rdwc totes under two 4 Bulb 4 foot t5ho fixtures… very simple and clean… compared to when I was in soil… :wink:

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Here’s a pic of my diy rdwc clone overflow area…
These are under 12 cfl’s in a 2’x4’ area… :wink:

And here is a pic of my dual rdwc cloner… :wink:



That looks sooo clean and do u just transfer them across in the root basket? Yea im constantly sweeping up due to my soil grow @peachfuzz


I don’t really use to much media… I just transfer from one neoprene color to another if I can…sometimes I’ll use some clay Pebbles just for support…

Hey @bryan thought you might want to see this also… :wink:

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cool, thanks.


Wicked setup @peachfuzz those plants look so healthy