Would i get root bound?


Hi all im trying out a sog in pb5 planter bags (0.74 us gal) growing in soil watered from the bottom up has anyone tried it ? Im worried about getting root bound


I don’t know anything about what system… Maybe some pictures?
I know them need at least 3 gal pot if is autoflowering strain and 5gal pot for photo period strains… So I will say… YES! but maybe I’m wrong :pensive:


Also the water should drop from below and out from bottom, this way them are not staying in a permanent wet medium… That will produce root bound for sure!
I use 3-5gal fabric pots and that are awesome for soil…
Good luck!
Happy new year!


Also having a stand to stand the pots in is beneficial


Thanx for that il have to look for some fabric pots happy new years to u too :beers:


I was thinking about filling my water tray give them 12 hours to soak it up then draining the excess water out


@Donaldj @dbrn32 @ntmaremach what do u guys think? Im after short stocky single colas


I’ve ran sog in 1 gallon pots flipping a couple weeks from rooted clone. I would see one or two get root bound from time to time. I would assume would be slightly better with fabric pot that self prunes.

I would look for something a little larger, hopefully 1 gallon plus. If you’re growing from seed, make sure you start in small cup and kind of let them stall out before you transplant. The timing from pot to pot can help you out a bunch. I’ve never tried it on a flood though.


I planted my rooted clones last night into the bags il have to wait until they fill out the roots then transplant again into somthing abit bigger il upload a pic



And this is my other scrog


You have them on 12/12 now?


Im going to flip the scrog today and i was planning on a 3 week veg in the sog and lollie pop them before flipping theyre both in 4x4x7 tents


If your going to be flooding them , why aren’t they in a big tray on a lean with a drain for run off… the only problem I can see is you will never be able to find out what’s going on with each plant separately… :wink:
Although I grow in rdwc system and I can’t manage any one plant either… so I can sympathize… :wink:

I’ll be watching… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


@peachfuzz ive got them all level so that they get equal amounts of water. Il water from the top until the roots stretch out then im going to water by pouring 20 L of water into the silver spill basket and let them absorb the water im not too worried about salt build up as its only going to go for 12 weeks


Nice , very enthused about this grow. Finally we have a sog journal.
This is only one of thee reasons I love this place! Everything from a to z
What’s the strain buddy?


:grinning: @Nug-bug im always trying somthing new its called the incredible bulk and ive got 2 white widow xtrm in there theyre on the right side of the pic with 2 red stickers on the bags


@dbrn32 forgot to tag u


As an sog lover myself, I’m also excited. Looking great so far, I’m thinking this will definitely raise some eyebrows here.


Swt il make sure i up date weekly @dbrn32 @Nug-bug @M4ur @peachfuzz i cut them on the 22/12 all fully rooted by the 30th with roots around 2cm long stretching out through the jiffy pellet. Im just waiting for my other flower box to finish and il setup another 4x4 that 1 will be a scrog of 9 white widows followed by afgani x big bud a month later 3 light rotation