Would appreciate some info

I’m currently running big blue cheese by msln seeds but I’m trying something out trying to see if I have more controls bushes and colas at the top as everything at the bottom usually isn’t as good how do I get my plants to only bud at the top how do I keep training to have that nice tight canopy at the top I’m currently doing this to one of my plants as I saw on another feed something similar

Look into a ‘manifold training’ or SCROGging. Looks like what ur looking for


I’d look at Nebulas Manifold technique next time.

For now youve done what you’ve done and it’s gonna be fine but you want to encourage the side branches of those 4 main lines to grow at this point. There was no benefit to super cropping those main lines the way you did - save that for the individual arms that will become colas in the end around 3rd week of flower.

You can achieve your goal through LST as well. In my opinion better. You can fix your current whatever you wanna call it with LST as well. You gotta leave it be and recover for a bit first then tie the arms down gently so the grow tips are about horizontal and the side shoots will start to grow off the main line. Don’t pinch any more stuff off, just let it get more nodes on each main line.

Your 4 way split looks good tho. Decent start there.


Going alil hard on that one :point_up:- let them recover every few , once they bounce back you can torture them a lil more


You are doing a good job just gotta let them recover , every 2 weeks it’s recomendable

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@Randy_Marsh @Deez @PurpNGold74

Why is she droopy like that I was running a hps 1000w and now I upgraded to a thinkgrow led that’s about the only change I’ve made is she asking for more oxygen

Looks like overwatering to me

@Deez it hasn’t been watered in over 7 days and when I noticed it starting to get droopy I assumed it was dry since I dug my hand into the soil and it was completely dry not even a little moist like 4-5 inches deep so I did a light feed to see but it’s still the same

Could lack of co2 be the problem

That looks great still to get my net from gg tents sucks came in wrong size then I haven’t received the right size yet after months -.-

@Holmes @Calizona

Any Updates?

@PurpNGold74 been bending here and there have somewhat of a canopy but can’t seem to get to fill up the spaces and don’t know which ones to top to have them grow more branches
I’ll take some current pics in the morning

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Nothing I admire more than straight up honesty.

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The very tops. U honestly dont have to even top. Just start weaving any branches above the net back down thru it.

What medium is this growing in. Looking better but still droopy.

Also what light do you have?

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@Deez I was previously running a hps 1000w in a 7x6 ft room she was nice and lifted nice and up then my upgraded light came in and I took out the hos and put the think grow led which I believe is about 635w at 50% brightness if I’m not wrong and thats when I started to notice it’s started to get droopy I was told it was over watered but prior to that feed she was dry for about 7 days after a big flush because I miscared for it and ppm was at 2300 so I did a major flush down to 600ppm she’s currently in ocean forest soil about 15gal pot running Athena blended line BUT when I fed it got droopy but I fed because soil was dry dry about 6 inches deep dry no moisture so I let her sit for a while till soil was dry and just to be sure I let her tell me she was dry by letting watching her then I put my 2/300w Amazon led lights and she came back up was looking nice but I didn’t spend so much money on a new light to not use it so I put the think grow 635w back and it’s back to being droopy :man_shrugging:t2:

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Maybe its just too intense.

If the 200w cheapie blurp makes her happy
The 635 makes her sad
200w makes her back happy
635 makes her sad again…

Thats ur answer. How high is the 635 from the plant? U know lights that intense cant be run as close as the previous one right? Can u turn it down anymore?

I wouldnt be tryna run the 200w either! Especially if Im sitting on a baby sun light lol. Tweak and adjust your strength and light distance. Takes some fine tuning to make her happy.