Would a pH of 6.4 Cause My Seedlings To Look This Funky? Or Something Else Going On?

Here are some of the buds that came off those clones in the 8 port DWCs

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Lower your lights if you can. They are over stretching causing the plants energy to focus on growing and not developing root structure.

Definitely things you read on the internet. I see people repeating the same inaccurate sentiment all the time “I SEE ALGAE ITS DEFINITELY THE ALGAE CAUSING IT” lol :roll_eyes:

It’s a PPK cloner, you can learn about it in the post i posted above… but yeah man, you should manage those canopies, sometimes less is more

I’m good with my 5 eLBows a month man.

I run a diy 60 clone fogponics/dwc cloner. Built it for a total of $75 back before the pandemic. Now it runs $120 for a 60 clone cloner. But you can expand to 4x 60 clones with the pump putting you at a total of 240 clones for under $200.

5 lbs wet? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lmao, sure. 18.5 eLBows wet!!!

to ad on to ElJefe’s point about lowering your lights, it’s more about managing your canopy moreso than lowering the light. Not sure if you are attempting to do a SCROG grow with that trellis or what… if you were attempting to SCROG you should checkout the scrog guide on growweedeasy.com they have the best pointers on SCROG. Like your net should be a lot lower, the fact that you lollipopped so much off the bottom and use a trellis net in an attempt to flatten out the canopy some at that height screams inefficiency to me. You let the plant spend energy gowing vertically and then you placed the net over and then lollipopped all that growth at the bottom which to me is wasted energy/time. If you had trained the plants while they were shorter, effectively lowering the net and canopy as a whole, every bud site would get equivalent amount of light which would eliminate apical dominance and give you a flatter canopy which means less energy and time needed to achieve the same yield. If it was suppose to be a SCROG it looks like you flipped to flower too late so you couldnt even train the branches into the net more…

Here are some photos of my FIRST GROW, EVER from a few years ago…

what a proper SCROG canopy looks like (flat and low to the ground, not much lollipop done so not much wasted energy)

That’s my very first grow, EVER, and that one single plant yielded me just slightly over a pound, cured. My style of grow, PPK, gives DWC a run for its money with less maintenance. Clear winner in my eyes. You should give it a try… it does take a lot of knowledge though which can be found in the link above…

You can see more about my setup and that grow on IG:

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mmhm we believe you lol :lying_face:

I’m not trying to fight, I’ve just had algae take out a healthy plant quickly. That grow looks nice though. Definitely check it out.

Believe me our not, i love doing what I do. That room is a 12x8x8, and that pic is from 4 months ago.

I believe you man, I love doing what we do too! I think cannabis growing is still young in the grand scheme of things and there’s still LOTS we all have to learn together as cultivators. I’m always ridiculed for my style of growing but when I show the actual results of my style I find people tend to be more open-minded to what I have to say all of a sudden. Sometimes less is more and when we’re trying to achieve more more more with our yields it’s hard to not go against that mantra! Don’t stop learning as you grow man, knowledge is power!

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From clone first showing roots to harvest is a 3-1/2 month total process for me. I don’t worry about SCROG due to quick turn around.

You’re right with pushing it too far sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, my Hindus, forbidden fruit, and Chemdawgs, output quite a bit this style of grow. But my lsd, blueberry, blackberry sky, g13, etc. enjoy the 4-6 port dwcs for bushiness.

We’ll said, bro :sunglasses:. Aren’t you growing for true well being?!? Aren’t we all?