Would a move to save my husbands life, my own and how do we get growing supplies that are legal for cf patience and extreme fibromyalgia and arthritis?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“We have severe medical conditions which warrant medical canna and need legal ways of doing so. We have to relocate because of medical recommendations from Iowa city. Because the local doctors have basically almost killed my husband. He has been involved with canna research and breeding for 38 years. He has been in medical management and I with human services but now we are left needing medication. Would a move to save my husbands life, my own and how do we get growing supplies that are legal for cf patience and extreme fibromyalgia and arthritis? I scream every night for hours due to pain and was diagnosed with pain syndrome and then told I would not be treated. I have helped grow in a legal area and we both have dreams of specific breeds for specific needs humans and animals. We have so much to give and now we have to fight just to have food stay warm because of policy and local medical practices. We would love to have specialized breeding and related options. Do you know anyone that can help two experienced farmers relocate to a good medical area and growing area? We sure could use a good product line to proceed. Until we get out of here I fear for our lives. I wish this had to do with an order but because of others suffering is my life 45 years of hell, for me and now what…ideas?”


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Depending on where you relocate to, there could be an abundance of options for locating indoor growing equipment. You can certainly find everything you need on amazon. And there’s plenty of very experienced growers here that would be happy to assist you in selecting options that fit your needs and budget.


You probably should think about moving to a legal state. Colorado is nearby and the weather is not all that different if you live east of the Rockies. Or move to the Pacific coast states. Four seasons in Washington all the way to no more winter in Southern California. There are all sorts of legal growers with state licenses in any of those states and dispensaries that can help you with meds on the day you arrive. With your experience, I think you could easily find growing-related jobs. And all of those states let home growers grow their own. Any place that allows that has dispensaries that sell seeds and clones, and hydroponic shops that are very open about selling cannabis gear at reasonable prices. You won’t regret it.


Washington doesn’t allow recreational home grows and you can’t buy clones out of a dispensary there.

California has all that you’re looking for but produces some eight times more weed than needed, so grow jobs might be tough to find.

Northern Nevada might be the best option. Rapidly developing market, new growers needed, and it’s not far to California for clones.


Sorry, I didn’t know that about Washington state. There are some cheaper areas of Southern California but I think you might be used to the Iowa climate. So Northern Nevada may be the place for you. Even if they don’t sell clones, it is very easy to get seeds by mail, ILGM has Critical Mass which may interest you. It has high THC and high CBD. Or there are other seed banks that discretely deliver any strain you want. Search for “seedfinder” and you will see a database of hundreds of strains and where to buy them.


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