Would a couple of these light be good to veg or bloom?

Found this around house and just would like input from fellow growers for my curiosity @PurpNGold74 @Countryboyjvd1971 @boardsbird

Daylight bulbs are good for veg and soft white are good for flowering. They will be good for early stages of life. They are not the strongest so you can put them quite close to. If they are to far away you might get some stretching so be careful. Once they get a little bigger you should get some better lighting. Hope this helps. :v: @Sativa4Me

Thanks bro @Noctis420

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You’re welcome happy growing

These are exactly what I use in my veg space. Those are pretty low wattage, though. I use the 15 and 23 watt versions, with the domes removed.

@elheffe702 What’s about these

Yeah, those should be alright.

Think that light can’t take one plant through whole process I’m buying better lights but just curious ??

Not one. One would be pushing veg even. I veg with two 100 watt equivalent, 15 watt, and I’m attempting flowering under two 23 watt, and that seems like barely enough. You could probably get a plant to harvest under it, but it’d be lanky, and the buds airy.

Hmmm I’m buying led board but not Yet so just wondering they got those led floods u see those what think them @elheffe702

Those 10 watt ones, with the domes removed, maybe 4 to a plant, would do fine.

These plants both grew under two of those style, but 15 watts not 10.

Like these ones bro @elheffe702 image

Very similar, yes. They will run hotter than the 10 watt ones, so watch for that.